Knitters rock!

Hello! Preaching to the choir pretty much, I know! But don’t knitters rock! Is it true you never come away from a gathering of knitters empty handed? It certainly was for me this weekend, after meeting up with a couple of fab-o Sydney knitters on Saturday for our regular little s’n’b:And then Sunday in Canberra (which you can read all about on BellsKnits):mmm burnt butter alpaca – it’s as soft as, well, buttah!

And best for last:

Handmade by Bells for me, using Donni’s Bruised Bloodwood yarn (which you can buy here) – my very own monkeys! And they fit like a glove. Or I should say, like a sock! I couldn’t get the colour right but no doubt you’ll see much better pictures on Bells’ blog shortly! Thanks Bells, they rock! You rock!

But really, the goodies were just the icing on the cake – not at all necessary (although fab) because the real thing I take away with me each time I meet up with knitters is a fabulous sense of community, of shared history and interests and of caring, interesting, amazing people who I am very happy to call my friends. Knitters rock!


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13 responses to “Knitters rock!

  1. Knitters (and crocheters!) are really fabulous people. You never have to look far to be reminded of that, do you? You deserve every single gift! And thank you so much for coming to my ‘do’. It was the icing on my cake!

  2. amy

    Are those chocolate shoes?! Now THOSE kind of shoes I can go crazy over!!It looks like you all had a fabulous time. Good for you all!!

  3. it’s a lovely world, isn’t it? Great socks!

  4. kim

    Knitters do indeed rock. Those socks are beautiful! And that Burnt Butter – yummy! What a fun time you must have had.

  5. yes, knitters do rock! whether you see them or just communicate through blogs and e-mail – they are amazing. thanks for all your love and support!

  6. I had the BEST time – boy did I think of you as I got home at 8pm though.

  7. kms

    so totally with you on this one. human beings as a whole disappoint me. knitters, never 🙂

  8. I’m sorry I missed our little group knit on Saturday. Your last paragraph conveyed thoughts perfectly. I always come away with a warm feeling. Now, if only I could get my act together to meet Bells and Donni, I’d be very happy indeed. Next year, perhaps? Nora

  9. It’s a lovely world we live in…well most of the time. Knitting has brought so many from so far, so close.

  10. Fab stuff, knitty people are very generous!

  11. Chocolate shoes and red socks! What a color. I could just roll in it.

  12. Oh, it looked like you guys had a wonderful time! I told Bells how much fun it was to pick everyone out in the pictures. The socks look great!

  13. MMmmm, you’ve been well and truly spoilt – but in a good way 🙂 Was great to see you again on Sunday!

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