Kitchen paraphernalia

With any luck, my tea cosy swap pal will receive her package today! A quick sneak preview for you of the knitted items:

Tea cosy – for a very small pot – hope it fits her pot! I adapted a vintage tea cosy pattern – I was going to do a gauge swatch first but then thought, hey, I think this swatch is the right size! I had to add some crochet on either side to make it wide enough, but I think that works ok.

Dishcloth or pot mat – this is the travelling vines pattern – I used 8ply/DK cotton and 4.5mm sticks – it turned out perhaps a little small for a good dishcloth, but very pretty I think.

It’s amazing what a difference blocking can make!Pot Holder – this was a bit of a leap of faith on my part – didn’t use a pattern for the pot holder (clearly, had a pattern for the knitted bit!) so I’m fairly pleased with how my limited sewing skills went on this!

I machine sewed the fabric and wadding (you might even say I quilted it!! Heh!) and bias binding on, and then handsewed the knitted square (which is really a parallelogram!).Quite pleased with the matching leaf fabric which I bought after finishing the knitted part!



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12 responses to “Kitchen paraphernalia

  1. oh yes. Well done. All looks very, very good – especially the pot holder. I remember your dilemma about how to do it and I think you did a fabulous job!Your cosy is gorgeous. i want to make a very small one for myself and so I might just copy you!

  2. amy

    I adore that pot holder. It’s wonderful!! And so very cheery.

  3. Ann

    Your swap pal is so lucky to receive all those gorgeous knits. You did such a great job especially the pot holder. Merry Christmas.

  4. Em

    What a great pot holder and cozy! They look so cheerful and happy, I’m sure your swap partner will love them. Happy, happy Christmas to you and yours! Thanks so much for all your good wishes.

  5. Gorgeous knitting! What a lucky swap partner you have.

  6. And the edibles that went in with the swap goodies were beautiful too. Thank you so much for sending me a taste! They were eaten by me and the children before I even thought to head home from the post office to take a photo. RoseRed, you are a star in my house!

  7. Ooh, everything is so lovely! Well done! I love how you quilted the pot holder like a leaf too 🙂

  8. just love that tea cosy!

  9. That cozy is adorable! How ’bout turning the dishcloth into a baby washcloth? Those are always loved as presents (if the yarn is fine enough the cloths fit better between baby toes than commercial ones.) And te potholder is cool, too! You are just a machine over there, cranking stuff out!

  10. That is a beautiful cozy. I love the quilted pot holder. The leaf fabric was inspired!

  11. del

    Wow, blocking is amazing. And how I love that cozy! Everything looks fantastic.

  12. ohhhhh I love it all! well done and I have that leaf fabric and what a great way to use itCorrie:)

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