SHOESday: Summer sandals #1

Since I’m on holidays, there’ll be no high heeled shoes being worn for a good 4 weeks, except for maybe if we go out for a special dinner, so it is the time for sandals and flats.

To kick off the month of sandals, here are one of my favourite pairs.

A chocolate brown strappy sandal. Small heel so they are a little dressy if you need them to be, but flat enough to be comfortable enough to wear all day (and they are very comfortable – more so than dead flat sandals in my opinion – but that also may be because I have flat feet).I was going to say I bought these 2 or 3 years ago, but when I put them back in the box, I discovered I’d kept the sales receipt (not sure why). And now I remember, I bought them for myself for my birthday in November 2005 – so I was pretty close on that guess! Anyway, it was when I started wearing more brown clothes. I used to wear all black (and things that went with black) but branched out, which I’m glad about – there are so many nice greens that look great with brown, and, you know, it meant I had to buy more shoes, so how can that be a bad thing!!I even re-did my nail polish (and it needed it too!)



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10 responses to “SHOESday: Summer sandals #1

  1. they are lovely! I think you are so right about totally flat shoes. I often find I get very sore feet in real flats. I think that’s a great dark brown. Very chocolatey. I’m kind of glad I didn’t get to look at all your shoes on the weekend. i rather like the surprise each Shoesday.

  2. kim

    I love that tiny hint of a heel! I’ve never quite been able to break away from my all-black wardrobe. Of course, I have the occasionaly red shoe, but never brown. How odd…

  3. Nice shoes and lovely toenails. You are right about flat shoes, I need some heel to walk in, not too much, but not flat. There are 4 or 5 pairs of ‘flats’ in gorgeous greens in town, but I can’t wear them at all. Happy Holidays indeed!!!

  4. They look so soft and comfy. I like brown as an alternative to black but as I get greyer not sure how brown will look on me in the future.

  5. del

    I love flats, so those Gladiator-type sandals are just cute. But I love heels also. I love shoes, so coming here every Tuesday just fills a need, lol.

  6. Lovely sandals and even lovelier that it is the weather for sandals!

  7. shades of pink/mauve and, your namesake, rose also look fantastic with brown. enjoy your time off… and your sandals!

  8. They look so thin, I bet you feel every little ant crunch!?!

  9. They’re are adorable

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