Back, I’m back!

Funny how something you never used to have can become so much a part of your daily life that you miss its absence. It’s like that with the internet, and more specifically, blogging. I go away for 4 days, and one of the first things I do when I get home is log on. Kinda sad in a way – but really, it’s not the internet, it’s the friends!

So, I’m back. Had 3 lovely days at Terrigal, which is about 75km north of Sydney for those not familiar with it. Stayed at large overpriced badly in need of refurbishment hotel because it is easy, across the road from the beach and 2 seconds from everything else, and did I mention, easy?

Sat by the pool. Sat on the beach. Did a bit of knitting, a bit less swimming, ate a bit, read a bit, drank a bit (a bit too much on Saturday night – oof), did not buy any shoes, or other items. Ooh, had a massage – mmm bliss.

As it often seems to do, the weather turned on our last night there and so this was what we left behind today. Made leaving just that little bit easier.

Not much but.



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19 responses to “Back, I’m back!

  1. Ann

    Welcome back! I wonder what we did years ago when we did not have internet!

  2. Sounds like it was a lovely break!

  3. Welcome back… thanks for your advice leading up to your break… looks like it was very restful.

  4. It is definitely the friends! Looks like you had a nice time away. Welcome back but.

  5. No, not sad at all!! Or, if it is I am infinitely sadder, so we won’t go there.Wow, the scenery is beautiful and I am glad you ahd a great time!!

  6. kim

    Welcome back! That sounds like the perfect little jaunt. Right now, it’s snowing buckets here!

  7. amy

    Both those pictures are gorgeous. The colors in that stormy one–fantastic. Mind you, I’d like to be in the FIRST photo right now. We’re having the ever-loving “wintry mix” right now.And hey–welcome back!!

  8. You remembered sunscreen, right?! 😉

  9. Ooh looks like a nice destination for a little break.I had blog withdrawal symptoms while I was on holiday for certain!

  10. Em

    What a delightful way to spend a weekend! And how considerate of the weather to wait until you were ready to go to get ugly. I’m with Amy, I wouldn’t mind being in that first picture at all–it’s just raining and cold here. Welcome back from your break! I always check my e-mail and my blog first thing on getting back, too. And catching up on the last few weeks’ worth of your blog has been wonderful.

  11. del

    That sounds like a wonderfully relaxing little holiday. Funny how we crave the internet, isn’t it?

  12. Amy

    Oh, am I ever jealous! One of my cousins lives in Terrigal, and I LOVED that beach like nothing else! To think it snowed this morning…

  13. Oh, gorgeous sunny beach! I’m sure ours isn’t half so pretty right now: that we’re at UTC -5 so about 12 hours off.)

  14. That is a beautiful place. I love the shot of the ocean through the trees. So inviting as I watch the grey sky out my office window. Definitely fantasy worthy.

  15. oh welcome home! I missed you very much but I can see you were in a lovely place, so I wouldn’t begrudge you that.I love that gloomy shot, almost as much as the sunny shot. Oh and happy shoesday!

  16. welcome back – missed ya!

  17. I would have found it harder to leave the grey day than the sunny one. The way the sea looks in a storm is the thing I missed most when we left the coast. I could watch that forever and never get bored.Glad you had a nice time. Welcome back.

  18. welcome back! great beach photos. glad you had a good time.

  19. oh how lovely! i could go for a walk on the beach right about now.

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