Socks socks and more socks

Again with the socks!

I saved up posting on these because I had to wait until they were received – these travelled all the way to chilly Canada, to warm the tootsies of the lovely Michele (click on the linky for some tootsie warming action and imagine a bit “phew they fit” from me!).

Pattern: Log Cabin Socks by Anne Woodbury, from Handknit Holidays. This is the second time I’ve made these socks – love the pattern, so warm and cosy and quick to knit in aran or even chunkier weight yarn. I made the women’s size for Michele’s socks as she seemed to have slim legs and ankles and small feet (can I tell you just how hard it is to guestimate size when you only know someone over the internet! How lucky was I that one day Michele decided to post a picture of her shoes, at about the time I was making these socks!!)I love how the cable pattern continues down the heel.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, 2.5 x 50g balls, in colour 200305, a lovely stormy blue. Love knitting with this yarn – so soft and squooshy.

Sticks: I forgot! These were my first magic looped socks!! I started out on dpns and then thought that I’d try magic loop – and I love it!! I still use dpns too, but magic loop, mmm, it’s good!

Time: 1 October 2007 (right on time for Southern Summer of Socks!) – 18 October 2007 – see, I told you they were quick! It’s just that I took so long to post them off…

What I learnt: Magic loop!


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16 responses to “Socks socks and more socks

  1. Oh good work! Chunky socks! What a joy to knit they would be. I love love love them! Cables AND magic loop. Nice combination!So you forget what size needles you made them on?

  2. Nah, I forgot that they were magic looped!! But then I forgot to say what size sticks!! 3.75mm… D’oh!

  3. kim

    Chunky socks are my favorite. There’s nothing like a good, warm sock. I love magic loop; I will never go back to dpn’s. NEVER!

  4. amy

    I love these socks. They look so squishy, and the color is fabulous, and I really like cables. Yum all around.

  5. Nice cable action going there – and magic looped too – must try it….

  6. Great looking socks, and magic looped, how fab! What a great quick knit sock!Well done!

  7. Never magic looped or used such chunky wool for socks. They look great! I see (another) whole new sock world opening up…

  8. Oh, those are gorgeous! I’ve never m-l’ed, but do the two circs regularly. The other day I had to go back to dpns, because flighty person I am, I needed to start a NEW pair, and my other THREE pairs were occupied… and I just couldn’t bring myself to buy another set, in good conscience. Anyway, the point of this looooongggg story is that it is very weird, going back.

  9. I love that pattern – fabulous in that yarn

  10. Em

    Gorgeous socks! The yarn and pattern work very well together. And they look so soft and warm and cozy–I think my feet might be jealous! Guess I’d better get to work on my own socks, eh? 😉

  11. Those came out wonderfully. They look just about perfect for Canadian winters. What a thoughtful friend you are!

  12. They are lovely! Great colour and perfect cables.

  13. del

    Those are some of the most gorgeous socks I’ve seen. I bet they’re so comfortable. Great job!

  14. hilarious to check this post and see my lovely, lovely socks! yeah i wear them a lot and they are so warm and comfy. and they fit perfectly. need them on a day like today where it snowed all day.too funny though to read that i have small feet. i have a size 8 foot, which is not small or delicate but the socks are the perfect fit. donna lee is right you are the most thoughtful friend!

  15. Ann

    Love the cables on the socks – they are lovely! Magic loop is great & it’s the only way that I use to cast on for my socks on dpns.

  16. Wow! Those are some great socks. The pattern is beautiful, and the yarn really shows off the stitches. Don’t you love magic loop? I think it makes knitting socks so much easier. I also like to knit both socks at once. It helps alleviate Second Sock Syndrome!

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