So who’s a cheeky monkey then?

Me, me! Or at least, Miss J, for whom these were made (Happy Birthday!)

Made the first sock in 5 days! The second took a bit longer, because of course I had plenty of time to finish it…and yet still gave the socks to Miss J in the sock project bag with dpns intact in sock #2. Sigh. I’m bad enough at deadlines as it is, holidays seem to have made it worse!!

But the socks were finished during my stay, so Miss J is now the proud owner of the cheeky monkeys (which we steamed using her amazing new steam iron – it has a huge reservoir of water, and you just steam everything as you iron – omg I so want one! And I don’t even iron that much!!).

Pattern: you know it…Cookie A’s Monkey, from Knitty. Am I the last person in blogland to make these socks. Actually, I was knitting them at the end of the Tupperware party, and one of the guests recognised the pattern – even though she’s not a knitter!!!

Yarn: Merino Cashmere Sock (old) from The Knittery, in Moonlight. I omitted a repeat on the legs because I was worried about yarn…I needn’t have worried, I’ve got at least 25g left! Wasn’t sure how I felt about the faux striping effect, I was hoping this yarn would be more subtle, but it works pretty well for this pattern.Sticks: 2.75mm KP Harmony dpns – my first time using these – love them! The colours don’t interfere with the knitting at all, and they have a lovely smooth but slightly grippy coating. And they are nice and pointy too.

Time: 1 January 2008 – 19 January 2008 – pretty good for me for a pair of socks!
What I learnt: Trust the yarn more – I’d been working on (roughly) 25g for leg, 25g for foot. You don’t need quite as much yarn for foot as for leg (or at least, I don’t!). Must remember that for future!

Wish I’d learnt: That you can make Monkeys without purling – ie by knitting the purl stitch. If I make these again, I think that’s what I’d do. Purling just doesn’t float my boat!

Stashbuster? Yes!! Yay me!


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19 responses to “So who’s a cheeky monkey then?

  1. ha ha yes you are among the last remaining bloggers to have not made monkeys. But you’re in the club now so we can still be friends.That’s so funny that a non-knitter recognised them!They look very, very good and I too will try the non-purling version next time I get the monkey bug!

  2. amy

    You’re not the last. I haven’t made them yet. They’re on my list, but I’m bogged down in sweaters and haven’t gotten back to socks since… eek… before Christmas!

  3. I loved the monkey sock pattern although I gave mine to my sister for Christmas. Might have to make another pair. Yours are great!

  4. I think these are tremendous! I love how the colour changes in the pattern look like rolling waves in the deep blue sea. Beautiful. Miss J is a very lucky girl to have you as a friend!

  5. Love the action nmodelling shots!! The Monkeys are great and I want to make the Purl-less ones next time too. I shall miss the old Knittery Merino Cashmere.

  6. kim

    You are a cheeky monkey! Love the socks. And what a great idea to knit the purl stitches. I may try that next time.

  7. No, you won’t be the last — I have three pairs on the needles (one almost done, hooray!) and none of them Monkey socks . . . yet.(Does this mean Bells won’t be my friend any more? Boo hoo!)

  8. Yayay bootiful! The yarn looks great in the monkeys (still haven’t seen one that doesn’t and they look soo good!

  9. I would highly recommend no purls. It’s a good project with them, but a great one without!They look gorgeous!

  10. They have come out great! It is good to see that colour in the knittery yarn as I am going to treat myself to some soon and was looking at that. PS: I am the last one making Monkeys I think!!!

  11. You’re not the last; I’ve not knitted Monkeys. Come to think of it, I’ve never followed a pattern to knit socks!

  12. So you see there are many knitters still to knit Monkeys myself amongst them! Great job on these.

  13. I have waving laces made out of that yarn in that color and it looks just as beautiful. It is such nice and soft yarn. I haven’t seen any yarn that doesn’t make pretty monkeys.

  14. Ann

    They may be crazy monkeys but they are lovely – love the colors too. You did a great job finishing a pair in such a short time.

  15. Em

    They are gorgeous cheeky little monkeys, and I’m quite a fan of the way the colors sort of striped up on them. Miss J is quite the lucky lady, and smart, too–she picked a great knitter to befriend. 😉

  16. No you’re not the last, I am working my courage up to try Monkeys. Bells says I can. I think I need a few more socks under my belt before I try it. Yours are wonderful and I adore the colour.

  17. del

    You aren’t the last to knit Monkeys–I haven’t & it’s because of what you mentioned, the whole purling thing. But you finished them & they look great. Good for you!

  18. Add my name to the list of knitters who haven’t made monkey socks yet. I was trying to resist, mainly because it seemed like EVERYONE was making them… but I really like the pattern so I’ll probably cave to the peer pressure soon enough!

  19. I haven’t made monkeys yet! They are on my queue, but I’ve been obsessed with the fleegle sock.How great that someone who isn’t a knitter knew the pattern!I saw someone recently doing them without the purls.

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