SHOESday: For Australia Day!

What else could I post, in honour of Australia Day, than the best and humblest of Aussie (whether homegrown or adopted) footwear, the thong.

Like any good Australian, I have several pairs. It would, indeed, be unAustralian not to…which leads to wonder whether our most recent former Prime Minister owns any. The thought of it makes me laugh. And cringe, just a little. In fact, I can’t even imagine our current PM wearing them either…

It took me a while to get on board when thongs first made their “fashion” renaissance (probably about 8-10 years ago). But then I saw these ones, on sale no less (I think they were $12, back when Sydney still had a Monsoon store…oh Monsoon, how I miss you!)

They were followed by these, which were bought in the UK. We were going to Brighton for the day (I do love to be beside the seaside!). It was really good weather for the time of year, I think it was March, and I’d taken no summer shoes. So thongs it had to be – bright and flashy, perfect for Brighton! I was amazed actually at the huge range of thongs you can buy in the UK. Much larger than you can in Australia.And finally, because really you can’t have thongs and not have these, the Havianas. THE thong of choice! And you know, they really are extremely comfortable thongs. Much softer underfoot than my other pairs. Now I must get a pair in brown too…



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20 responses to “SHOESday: For Australia Day!

  1. Aaah, Havianas! I have them in brown and black. Did you know Prada have thongs/flip flops?? And you must try the Gisele Bundchen range [available from Myer]. Very cool.

  2. Born on ANZAC Day, I’m a real Aussie but…I don’t wear thongs! I have to wear shoes with backs in them [e.g. sandals] and I don’t like the feeling of things between my toes anyway!However, I acknowledge that thongs are very practical and yours are very pretty!

  3. Oh goodness me I must be un-Australian! I do not own a single pair. There’s something about that little bit of rubber between my toes that makes me go nuts. i hate it! But if I have pretty ones, maybe I’d learn to cope!

  4. kim

    I’m with Bells. I cannot support the thong. Sorry. I hate my toes. But if I HAD to have some, those are pretty ones indeed. Oh, and I do like the ones from J Crew.

  5. Isn’t it funny that havaianas, the simplest of them all – they go for about 50 cents in Rio – are so popular? They were all the rage here… well, before it started snowing, of course…

  6. So, with all those thongs, have you made a pair of socks that you can wear with them? You know, a pair with toes (or at least one toe) so you can still do the thong thing? Or does wearing socks (even handknit ones) negate the coolness of the thongs? Just wondering!

  7. Very pretty shoes!! I hate wearing thongs though, I can’t bear the part between my toes and I get blisters there etc. Very UnAustralian of me I know!!!

  8. I really do miss my thongs and the weather in which to wear them lately. Very cute!

  9. well shiver me timbers and cheer me up! i could have used these this morning when i shoveled the 8 inches of snow in -25C. kidding aside these are tres cute and so you, especially the top ones.

  10. I’m glad to know there is a reason Havaianas are so popular, I thought they were just the trendy version of the cheap rubber thongs that were always around in Australia. I wore them to death as a kid but I can’t go there now. I have sandals that have a thinner leather bit between the toes and that is comfortable, but I’m not interested in the rubber-between-the-toes feeling, even though I remember that you do get used to it.

  11. I knew that if you had thongs, they would be GORGEOUS thongs, LOL :)I don’t own any either, just a pair of Homy Peds with the bumpy foot bit… oh, there’s bound to be a proper name for that (the sole, but the part your foot rests on, not the bit that goes onto the ground, am I making ANY sense at all, or just embarrassing myself. Oh. OK. Signing off now 😉

  12. I haven’t owned any jandals for years(yep – I’m a KiWi)- but I’m so with you on missing Monsoon! I was talking to my sister about them last week – loved their stuff and there is nothing quite like it around now.

  13. I love thongs but can only wear my reef ones as they seem to have support under the arch of the foot. (I have some with a bottle opener underneath, how mad is that!) I live not far from Brighton, lovely place. Next time you are there pop in!!!

  14. Lovely thongs/flip flops.I’m a big fan and Monsoon/Accessorize do the best ones we can get here imho. Let me know if the Monsoon withdrawal gets too bad and I’ll send you a pair :o)

  15. Thongs, flip-flops,sandals, slippahs, the ubiquitous summer wear. Yours are such fun! The college kids have been wearing them in 36 degree F wind and rain. I’ve seen them with three inch heels, but how comfortable could those be? (They do make the legs look great, though.) And they make a lot of noise as you walk. A hot-glue gun and a bit of beading, ribbon, yarn, whatever, and you have custom footwear.

  16. del

    Happy Australia Day! The thongs (heh heh, you know what thongs are to the U.S.) are adorable.

  17. Very cute – not a big thing wearer- but appreciate them – I like the idea of them being ‘go-aheads’ – cos you can’t reverse easily in thongs!!!!

  18. Em

    Calling the shoes with the straps and the toe-bits “thongs” confuses me to no end. Around here, thongs=underpants, and flip-flops=shoes with the toe-bits. Yours are so bright and happy looking! They are the official shoe of the Jersey shore in the summer, too. I have a pair that I pretty much live in all summer that’s black leather with a bit of a heel. Comfortable, adult, and they look great with a bathing suit or mini-skirt.

  19. Yup, we called those ‘slippers’ in Hawaii… I assume because you slip them on. I’ve got a pair in orange that were the only thing I could fit my feet into, when I was pregnant. And I’ve got a pair of high-heels that are basically fancy thongs. Perhaps I should post a photo…

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