SHOESday: pretty ordinary really…

I had planned on continuing the summer/sandals theme…since, you know, it’s supposed to be summer still. For quite a while yet. But the rain is pouring down and is supposed to keep coming all week, so it just didn’t feel like an open shoe kind of day.

So I thought I should post my wedding shoes. Since it’s my wedding anniversary today and all. But due to my poor long term planning, I’ve done those already.

So you’ll just have to make do with these.

Hope you don’t mind.To make up for what is undoubtedly your disappointment at the chocolate brown punched leather, the squillions of bronze sequins and the divine little button closure, I’ve done a little shoe modelling impersonation – can you tell who I am? Answer after the next pic…Why, Scarlet Johansen of course! No idea why she is so pigeon-toed in pictures. Although it does kind of make her look sweet. Sort of.



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19 responses to “SHOESday: pretty ordinary really…

  1. kms

    happy anniverary scarlet πŸ™‚

  2. Scarlet. Sigh.I swear I’m going in search of photos now to see if what you say is true (I don’t doubt, it really).Happy anniversary to you and Mr Red! Hope you get lots of love and kisses (to go with the bubbles I know you’ll be drinking). Those are too cute. They have an antique look about them, I think.

  3. I really think that these are my favourites of all your shoes. I have big shoe envy. love Miss Jx

  4. Happy Anaversary to you two. Those are amazing shoes. The bronze really takes it to a new level.

  5. Good heavens, girl, if those are “pretty ordinary” you better warn me in advance to get out sunglasses before you post a sparkly pair!They’re truly amazing shoes.

  6. Happy anniversary to you both (toast!!) and I love the shoes (but you knew I would, didn’t you?? High, sparkly, bronze – gorgeous) Really, what’s not to like?

  7. Ooo, happy anniversary, you two! πŸ™‚

  8. I feel like I am going to fall over just looking at those heels!A very happy anniversary to you both!

  9. Em

    Happy anniversary to you and the hubby! How many years has it been? I absolutely adore those shoes! They have so much possibility. And they’re so classy, but saucy, too. And the toe detail is awesome. I am rather jealous of your collection–every time I think I’ve seen the best pair yet, you pull out something even better the next week!

  10. Happy anniversary :o)Those are my favs yet; the buttons are too perfect

  11. I think these are my favourites so far, too. So stylish, so classy…Happy Anniversary!

  12. Have a lovely anniversary! I like those shoes, I still couldn’t walk in them.

  13. Scarlett Johansson has feet? Wow, I’ve never noticed her feet… :)Happy Anniversary!

  14. Those shoes are incredible! My ankles feel sore thinking about wearing them though! I’m a flat shoe person.Happy anniversary!

  15. Happy Anniversary!Those are amazing shoes – can you actually walk in them?! Can you tell I never wear high heels? πŸ˜‰

  16. Happy Anniversary RoseRed and H. At least you had loads of water views during the day with the continuous rain. Hope it was bubbly fun.Love the shoes but also wondered how you stayed upright…beautiful detail but we wouldn’t expect anything less!

  17. Happy Anniversary! x[Of course, I love the shoes. Prada! Swoon.]

  18. well very happy anniversary to you! and Mr RRS. holy smokes those shoes are high! from over here in hiking boot land they are anyway. they’re beautiful though – nothing disappointing about them.

  19. del

    Adorable. I love how vintage-y these shoes are.

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