February Goals

So at the start of last month, I resolved to make a list of goals (or even one goal) each month, and just do it. Erm, I didn’t quite get there in January, and February is more than half way through…and since I have no valid excuse, I’m just going to turn into my mother and think better late than never (ok, I live my life by this saying…!)

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but does represent things I must do this month:

1. Finish charity knitting (pilchers/soakers for disabled kids) for Terri.
2. Start and finish February Baby Jacket.
3. Start Ravelry Bag Lady Swap knitting.
4. Bake something for Mouthfuls of Heaven.
5. Do my tax (oops…)

All very achievable. I wonder if maybe I should aim a bit higher? Is it more inspiring to aim extermely high and fall short of your goals, or be realistic and achieve them?



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11 responses to “February Goals

  1. Oh I want to do this too! I reckon start with doable things when you’re compiling your list part way through the month. Aim high next month!Yes, get backing RoseRed!!!

  2. Set small acheivable goals, then you won’t feel disheartened.

  3. Make a list and then cross things off! The Accountant says – do your tax first!! (I say do the soakers!)

  4. I think small goals you can achieve are much better for your self esteem!! Then maybe one big goal and some smaller ones next month. (Like I have any goals or plans, but I did teach my class to set and achieve goals successfully!!)

  5. I like a list with plenty of things crossed off :o)

  6. Personally, I set my expectations low.. then I can surprise myself at times! 🙂

  7. Someone once said “Reach for the stars. If you miss, you’ll land on the moon”. So, aim high. I tend to expect a lot from myself and sometimes I even succeed.

  8. Em

    This is an excellent idea, and I may have to start copying it, at least in my knitting life (i do it with housework all the time, and somehow, it never quite works. stupid housework, ignoring my clearly defined and itemized goals!). I think a realistic list for this month is a good idea, since we’re already partly through it. But it does feel good to aim high and stretch yourself, so maybe mix it up a little, eh?

  9. Lists are the way to go! Tax first though!!! I try to get the scary jobs out the way. (she says with 3 essays in 4 days to write, don’t think I am going to achieve that one!)

  10. Hahahaha! I was just thinking this seemed like A LOT, and here you are, thinking you should aim higher. Ah well…

  11. You are doing so well with your goals… good for you and I think it is oh so rewarding to be able to cross goals off the to do list!

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