SHOESday: golf, anyone?

I know these aren’t really golfing shoes, but the little flappy thing at the front, with the tassels, it’s just so golfy, you know? (it really annoys me how some of the flappy bits on the right shoe stand up like that. Will not be fixed!!)

Or Scottish highland shoes. Or both. Oh, I know, except for the heels. Not very good on a golf course or for doing a highland fling.I actually would never have thought I’d buy shoes with this kind of detail. All the others I’ve ever seen have been just too much. Maybe it is the colour – all one colour, rather than, say, red white and blue (I’ve seen them!!). And a nicely shaped heel, not too high. And the d’orsay style of the shoe (toe and heel cup). I really do like these shoes a lot. Most excellent winter work shoes!



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12 responses to “SHOESday: golf, anyone?

  1. You know, I can imagine that without the cutaway bit around the middle, you’d end up with an entirely different style of shoe – more on the ‘sensible’ side, as my mother would say. But as they are, they are sheer elegance. Would it be a bad thing to maybe put a tiny dot of glue on the standey-upey bits?

  2. amy

    I find it extremely unfair that you can wear such shoes in the winter. Hmpf!!:-)

  3. amy

    PS I FINALLY sent in my passport renewal. I shall be spending my winters with you from henceforth…

  4. Em

    And I’m coming with Amy. It’s been raining for more days straight than I care to think about. And cold. And windy.But the shoes, they are wonderful. So dainty, but business-oriented. Perfect, as you say, for work.

  5. Seriously beautiful! Some of my shoes do the standy-uppy thing – have you tried damping and weighting?

  6. kms

    divine. could you please tape yourself doing a highland fling in them and post it on youtube immediately 🙂

  7. If you showed just the toe, they would look very sensible, but the other details take them off in the elegant direction.kms, you owe me a keyboard now!

  8. If I did wear heels I’d wear these. Very attractive shoes!

  9. My. Land. Those are especially cute shoes. May I ask what brand they are?Really. Super cute.

  10. That’s hilarious. And reminds me of a friend from New York who thought that golf was a terribly elitist game, which made me roar laughing. My grandfather used to ride his bike to the links with his golf bag and clubs slung over his shoulder – he didn’t own a car at that stage (just after WW2). Not much elitist about that!As for standey-upey-ness, a good shoe place should be able to solve this for you but it might be only temporary and they’d probably pop up all the time

  11. Just when I thought you were about to say you weren’t convinced you liked these shoes, and maybe just maybe I could take them off your hands you finish by saying you like them… so close to having a pair of Rose Red beauties but oh so far!

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