And it’s a new dawn, a new day…

a new month…

Which means montly goal time! I’ve had some trouble thinking of March goals, beyond #1 on the list (for perhaps obvious reasons…but honestly #1 looks like a lot of stuff, but each item is relatively small. Or at least, it is in my head, so hope each will not take longer than I’m anticipating!). March goals are in the sidebar.

I am quite liking this goal setting stuff. It really does give me (and you, if you are interested in watching) an incentive to get things done. Except my tax, I was naughty about that. But I will do it today, I promise! I would probably feel even more like achieving stuff if I had a star sheet (or whatever you call it – the chart you might use for kids where you give them a gold star if they make their bed every day etc). Because, you know, I am like 10, and need that stuff! No, I will make do with the sense of satisfaction that comes with crossing stuff off the list.

Now for the stash honesty. I would have been doing ok this month if it weren’t for generous friends, winning a giveaway or the German postal system! But am not complaining about any of those things, especially the miracle of the Grrman yarn finally arriving! It had been that long that I’d actually forgotten what I’d ordered! But here it is in all it’s loveliness!

Soft as, well, silk, Regia Silk, and the lovely colouredy-goodness which is Kaffe Fassett Regia yarn. Oh the colours, they are divine. Am looking forward to seeing the stripey goodness in this one!

Tally for February (in 50g ball lots!):

Yarn obtained = stash: 12 balls
Yarn purchased for gift knitting: 0
Yarn used this month from stash: 10.5 balls (ok, I gave 5 balls of stash to mum for her charity knitting!)
Yarn used this month for gifts: 1
Stashbusting: +1.5 (sigh…but not as bad as last month, at least!)
YTD stashbusting: +21.5


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11 responses to “And it’s a new dawn, a new day…

  1. Yes, #1 is something of a mammoth job. It’ll take you most of March I’m sure.As for tax, blech. I hate doing it too. I’m gonna join you in setting goals this month. Great idea.

  2. I’m an arrant coward. I’ve nevr actually counted how many balls of yarn are contained in my stash!

  3. I like the idea of making the list. It’s more concrete than having dedicated projects from stash.German sock yarn doesn’t count when it should havr arrived mid last year but for the postal system! You can take it off your list …

  4. amy

    You’re killing me with these goals. I am goalless. Okay, that’s not quite true, but I’m not up to posting the list of what needs to be done around here. It’s heinous.

  5. I haven’t done our taxes yet either. I have 6 weeks and I’ll probably put it off as long as possible. I hate doing them. Your Feb goal list looks great with all those lines through the things you got done.

  6. I’m convinced crossing things off lists is the adult equivalent of a gold star; I’ve been known to put things I’ve done at the start of the list just to have the satisfaction of seeing something with a line through it :o)Love that Regia Silk you finally got – especially that strong red – yum.Hope March is a lovely month for you.

  7. kim

    Oh, you are so much more disciplined than I. If I had to keep track of stash and stash busting, I don’t think I’d ever knit. I have, however, done my taxes so that’s a plus…

  8. del

    I love Regia Silk; just some of the best, non expensive sock yarn I’ve ever used. Good for you for goal setting–I am so lazy.

  9. I love Regia sock yarn. They are my most sturdy socks that I wear all the time. Great colors you have. I should raid my stash and knit a pair.

  10. Oh, argh, taxes! Yes, I have ours to do, too.What lovely plummy silk. I did a little stash-petting yesterday, and I really need to get knitting!

  11. Ann

    You are organised with your list of goals. Ever since, I stopped working, I have also stopped setting goals & take things as they come. Love your Regia yarn especially the silk.

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