G is for Grrrrman Stockings!

I must be a crazy person for making these – knee high socks on 2.5mm sticks, with a very detailed cable pattern which ultimately travels down the leg and across the foot…but oh my, what a lovely pair of socks it will make! In soft squooshy Patonyle.

That is, after I let it out of the naughty corner. After ploughing through the 2.5 inches of 1×1 twisted rib (why, o why, Cookie A, must you torture us so!) and then flying through 2.5 inches of stocking stitch, I immediately mucked up the fancy cable (I blame the pattern – why write it as if it is knitted flat when it is clearly knitted in the round!). So after a night in time out, and the insertion of a lifeline, it was frogged back to the end of the plain portion.

And it still sits in the naughty corner (although I have put it back on the needles). When it wakes up to itself and decides to work, then I’ll pick it up again. I just hope I can read the pattern properly this time around…And yes, I am trying to ignore the fact that clearly my calves and legs are h-u-g-e. I could kind of ignore that when I was using the teeny tiny 30cm addi circular, but when I changed to 2 circs, it showed the magnitude of my leg size in all it’s glory. Sigh…

In case you are going to be in the Southern Highlands this Easter long weekend, Wool Addiction in Bowral will be open from 10-2 on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (husby and I just may need to have a road trip on Sunday – what a great excuse to get out of the house and go for a lovely drive!)


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19 responses to “Grrrr…

  1. i admire you for making these. I want to but I don’t want the grief. I support you in your discipline measures. Time out is apparently quite effective! They do look rather huge but I just assumed it was the angle of the shot!

  2. amy

    I admire you too. I don’t even want to make them. And it sounds like the chart needs a time out! That IS annoying. Good luck with them when you decide they’ve considered the error of their ways long enough!

  3. Oh, I’ve loved that pattern since I first saw it, but … Well, I think you’ve summed it up quite nicely, actually…

  4. kim

    Yes, I completely agree with the masses. But I can’t wait to see you tackle them. I did chuckle when you referred to the “naughty corner.”

  5. Meg

    Ooh la la! This has long been in my queue and I even have the yarn, especially purchased for the project, it’s…marinating…

  6. Wow, long long long socks!! With cables! You will look back on their colicky infancy, difficult tantrums, and grumpy teens with fondness, forgetting all the hardships, when you’re strutting about actually WEARING them 🙂

  7. Feeling your sock pain!Lifelines in socks could be the way to go for me – still I bet I’ll not put one in until after I really needed it :o)

  8. Wow I wish my naughty corner worked as well. Maybe because I call it time out… Good for you nothing like a challenge to strengthen your character and build your knowledge.

  9. I wish I’d heard of the naughty corner for knitting earlier Rose Red! A number of projects could have usefully spent time there. All power to you embarking on Cookie A kneesocks!

  10. lilypily

    Hi! Happy Easter break to you. :o) I think these will look wonderful when they are finished and you’ll be thanking Cookie for that twisted rib when they stay up like a dream and resist dropping to your ankles everytime you wear them. :o)

  11. Ann

    The pattern is lovely. It’s a good idea to just leave it for a while & then pick it up again – I do it also as the break allows me to re-energise. You can do it. Happy Easter!

  12. del

    Those are going to be gorgeous–when they stop being naughty.

  13. I have admired those socks from afar and afar is where they are going to stay for now! I am struggling with my first toe up socks and was amazed at how large they look while being knitted. They made me feel like I was knitting socks for giants.

  14. I have abnormally huge legs. I’m sure yours cannot be as bad as mine! Soldier on, Rose Red, I’m positive your legs are lovely.

  15. It’s not your legs. It’s the photographic perspective. But I wonder what shoes will go with those socks?

  16. Em

    What bravery! I have trouble committing to something that ambitious, I admire your fortitude. The knitting naughty corner is great for making knitting rethink its actions, it’s great to see yours is so efficacious.

  17. wowsers! knee highs! I can’t imagine the work that will go into them and then just when you think you’re done on one you’ve got to knit the other one! yikes you are brave!

  18. hope you have a fun drive!

  19. You can do it!!! I’m excited to see how they turn out. When I’m doing a complicated cable pattern w/charts I find it helpful to highlight my charts. I color code the different chart symbol & the directions to that symbol so I don’t have to translate every single row. Maybe that would help? Good luck!

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