SHOESday: Red Red Red RED!

Not sure if anyone’s noticed, but my last 3 posts have been very red. Now I know that’s not particularly surprising, but it did strike even me as a lot of red! I figured I may as well continue the red with today’s shoes.Mmmm, red patent leather slingback wedges. Each element perfect.Love the wedge – not the usual wedge shape in that it doesn’t widen as it approaches the sole but stays narrow – and extremely supportive – you know, I think wedge heels are the most comfortable heels you can wear. And to think I was quite anti-wedge when they first began to appear back into fashion. Silly silly me!I love the small peep toe (doesn’t flash all those toes, just a discreet big and second toe) and the well-constructed slingback – unlike many slingbacks I’ve worn, these don’t slip down my heel at all. Love these shoes.



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12 responses to “SHOESday: Red Red Red RED!

  1. del

    Oh my, I love that wedge. And I agree, these type heels are incredibly comfortable to wear. I love stilettos but they kill your feet. Gorgeous!

  2. Oh so pretty! They are beautifully slim wedges. I will confess to never having worn a wedge heel. I think I must.Keep up the red, I say!

  3. kim

    Love them. LOVE them!!! The wedge, the color, the patent. Love, love, love!

  4. Ooooh! So lovely – red, shiny, wedge – mmmmmmmmm! so nice!!!

  5. Wedge heels are my favourite – allowing me to clomp around with gay abandon!! šŸ™‚

  6. I think wedge heels are the most comfortable. I haven’t worn sling backs for years because I got tired of the straps falling down. But I have seen some great looking ones for spring and I may have to invest in some. I love the way they look. So grown up.

  7. as always totally cute shoes. love your koolhaus too. hon your posts are always red, red, red. it’s part of why we love you.

  8. Em

    Mmmmm, pretty shoes! I love those! I’ve never worn a pair of wedges, either, I think I’ll have to join Bells in trying them out.

  9. Lovely reds indeed – these are beautiful

  10. RED! Oh yes! I LOVE these! But you know me and red shoes.

  11. Another lovely pair to add a bit of colour to our lives.I have a pair of wedges but find them a bit unstable under foot, maybe I am just not used to wearing heels.Looks like you and Bell had a lovely weekend filled with fun and friendship and loads of presents.

  12. Hot – I want a pair with a lower heal (more of a flat wedge). I’ve been eying them at the store.

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