Rugz 4 Kidz

Last year, I signed up for a charity knitting project – Rugz 4 Kidz – the idea is that a bunch of knitters each knit a 7cm stripe on a blanket, which will then be donated to charity for a child. The first knitter starts the blanket, does their 7cm (x 230 stitches, in 8ply yarn) and then sends it, still on the needle, to the next knitter, who does their 7cm, and so on.

The rug came to me in late March, and after finishing up my Bag Lady Swap knitting, and buying some machine washable 8ply yarn in a suitable colour (because, oddly, I have very little 8ply yarn in stash that isn’t designated for a jumper or cardi – hmm, looks like a GAPING HOLE in my stashing strategy there, which I’ll clearly have to remedy…heh!). I bought a couple of balls of Patons Totem from Wool Addiction at Bowral on my recent Sunday drive. Silver Grey for a contrast between the last stripe and mine, and the next stripe, and a raspberry pink (because that’s about as pink as I get. Or dusty pink, but that wouldn’t have worked as well in the scheme of the blanket).I choose the Chevron Eyelets stitch pattern from Jan Eaton’s 200 Knitted Blocks, as I worked out that it had the right stitch and row repeat, and off I went. Surprisingly, it didn’t take as long as I thought, for which I was most grateful.

Now just have to get a few little goodies together (lollies to nibble on whilst knitting, I think) for the next knitter and post it off.


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14 responses to “Rugz 4 Kidz

  1. Love this idea, no sewing together of squares for anyone – and the blanket is a real beauty too – is there a predetermined number of stripes or does one knitter finally just go – crikey this blanket is big enough to cover the world?

  2. I have sat with this blanket over my knees and can attest to its warmth and loveliness. It’s a great idea and your contribution is lovely!

  3. Such a wonderful idea. I have a huge gap in my stash- anything NOT green!!!

  4. What a lovely lovely idea it must make you and the other contributors feel so much warmth when working on it.

  5. What a great idea! And I love the pattern you chose! Pretty!

  6. Who decides when it’s done? Is there a certain amount of knitters? It looks great with all the colors and patterns.

  7. kms

    how lovely, and what a beautiful stripe that is. definitely need to fill that gap in the george, for sure!

  8. It seems like such a long time since the rug was warming my knees! Mine is the row of hearts!

  9. Its looking good – my portion is not even showing – it must be long now – dont think that there are too many people left. Cant wait to make a start on the boy one!

  10. del

    What a neat idea. Beautiful work.But you’ll have to remedy that stash problem pronto. Yeah. heh

  11. kim

    Such a great idea, and I really like the pattern you’ve chosen. Will you get to see the finished product?

  12. That is a great idea, it looks good. Like Kim said, will you see the finished knit?

  13. Such a fabulous idea, lots of room fro creativity, without being a massive amount of work in one go.Yes, clearly a gaping hole in your stash. Must be filled as soon as possible!

  14. What a great idea! I love that there’s no seaming, and that you can pretty much do what you want. As for the gaping hole in your yarn stash, you need to fix that, girl! You don’t want to be caught without in a wool shortage!

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