SHOESday: Gumbies for a Gumby

I never had a pair of gumboots when I was a kid. I was always jealous of kids who had gumbies.

Now I need be jealous no longer!

Check these out! How could I not buy these:Red! Knitting! Perfect!

And thought my husband scoffed that I would never wear them, so here’s proof that I did:

Taking photos of the new plants in the garden on Sunday in torrential rain (which of course you can’t see – but trust me, it was raining. Heavily). And in case you are wondering, my umbarella is red…. Yes, I know – hardly a surprise!



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26 responses to “SHOESday: Gumbies for a Gumby

  1. OMG! they are amazing!! Somebody out there heard your pleas, sent out to the universe, and said, that RoseRed, she needs gumbies just like these.Perfect. I wouldn’t laugh at you. Or scoff.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE!!!!!Is it wrong to have serious gumboot envy?(thou shelt not covet others gumboots?)

  3. Having scoffed at you last week over anticipated purchase, I must say now I have seen them – they are MOST EXCELLENT!!

  4. kim

    Oh, now those are too cute! I didn’t even see that they were knitted until you go zoomed in. They are totally adorable. Great Shoesday shot!

  5. Oh wow, they are just TOO CUTE! Now you just need to send the rain down our way…

  6. Those are soooo cute! And how cool is it that they’re knitted? I must say, they’re perfect for you!

  7. Woot Woot! And that was before I saw that they were ‘knitted’. You must wear these out on the street – they’re too fine for just gardening.

  8. My old black ones finally cracked in the front. Would that I could find a knitted pair!

  9. Oh, my God, how cute! And perfect! I bet they make you smile on a rainy day, which is what counts!

  10. Those are wondeful. The stripes look like sweater stripes. So cool!!

  11. lilypily

    Oh they are wonderful, wonderful WONDERFUL! Now all you need is a really rainy winter and you’re home and hosed. :o) Fantastic.

  12. Ann

    The boots are gorgeous – I will have to look for them as they will be great for gardening.

  13. I love them and want some non-black, non-Dunlop Gummies!! I am very sad that the aldy bird ones – red with black spots, little eyes on the toes and antennae – do not come in my size!!

  14. del

    They’re adorable. They must cheer you right up whenever you wear them.

  15. kms

    im sorry to admit that i practically fell off my chair laughing. they are really adorable though. just perfect!

  16. I LOVE them. What a find. I’d’ve been over to the shop shelf faster than a labrador onto baby-dropped-food. Gorgeous! And I particularly like the strappy bit.I’m glad that there’s other Pizza Hut mousse lovers out there : )

  17. Hurray for rain! Love the boots. you are doing well with the lists on the sidebar too!

  18. Oh my! Oh my oh my. Trust you! hahahahahaha Absolutely adore these, totally brilliant.

  19. Your gummies are just sensational!!!! How excited you must have been when you found them! I have never seen anything like them, except for some clear gumboots in an add for regia yarn (I think). They showed off knitted socks that were quite similar in design your boots, but without the lovely, lovely red trim. Where does Shoesday go from here Rose Red?

  20. Oh my goodness. I might actually go outside if I had a pair of gumboots like those! But it would be a shame to get them dirty!!Where on earth did you find them?

  21. DD saw those gumboots somewhere in Parramatta when I was [unsuccessfully] looking for shoes for my interview! Since I looked in every store [some twice, DJs three times] I can’t remember where we saw them!

  22. it’s as if someone set a contest to design the perfect pair of RR gumbies ! Of course you HAD to buy themMe? … I’m hunting for the perfect pair of red cowdy boots.

  23. Have you bought on the continuous Sydney rain? Great muddy puddle jumpin shoes… I need some so I can be like that ad where the mum is jumping in puddles and the kids are watching her thinking what the!

  24. Those are some awesome wellies! you should check out welly socks as well… they sometimes come in knitted fashion and are super warm (if you guys are EVER cold that is..!)

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