The Joy of Socks

My friend Miss J stayed with me on the weekend (a long weekend, what’s not to love about that – even better when friends are visiting!). One of our plans this weekend was for me to teach Miss J how to knit socks. Fortunately, J already knew how to knit, it was just about the socks. We discussed whether to start on a practice sock (a little one, just to cover all the features quickly) but J decided she wanted to start on adult sized socks, and if they were a bit ordinary, they’d be good house-socks. I figured 8ply/DK would be best, and also quickest, as J was determined to finish a sock while she was staying with me.

So with some sale Zara from my stash in hand, a basic 8ply sock pattern from a Patons book and my KnitPicks Harmony 3.25mm dpns in hand, away J went. And she rocked the socks! Did a couple more rows of rib than was needed, and had a little ladder at the start of the stocking stitch section, but fixed that up (I am so jealous, I still get ladders!!), and had an extra stitch at the end of the kitchener grafting, but all in all, a pretty darn near perfect first sock, which fits beautifully!

I’m so proud! (and what a great stashbuster – teaching someone to knit, or a knitting technique, by using yarn from your stash!)



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12 responses to “The Joy of Socks

  1. kim

    I’ve been knitting forever, but I only learned to knit socks about five years ago. I remember how great it felt to learn. How awesome that you have a friend to share that with!

  2. Oh well done to Miss J! What a great first effort. And in Zara too! You know, I’ve never done an 8ply sock. I really think I ought to, just for the joy of it being so fast!

  3. Fantastic!!! 8ply socks are a good wat to start. Well done all!! I see you are going really well on your April Goals too!!

  4. Well done Miss J! That’s a fabulous first sock. Would be perfect for chilly days!

  5. That sock is fab – good student/teacher combo clearly – must get me some DK socks so I actually get some finished soon :o)

  6. Spread the joy Rose Red!!

  7. Another sock knitter! Yay! Just as well because I heard a knitter say today that she is just not cut out for socks. I am glad you have balanced that out for us!

  8. yeah, miss j and red rose! lovely sock. hope you had time for other mischief too this weekend.

  9. Looks like you’re an incredible teacher! That is fast!

  10. Ann

    Looks really good for a 1st sock – great job Miss J & you must be a very good teacher.

  11. Yay for J.! Now, when will #2 be born….

  12. del

    Wow, that was quick! I wonder if she’ll become addicted…

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