Spindle Socks, v.2

So after the debacle of the first sock, I fortunately had no problems with v2 of these socks, made for Kuka’s CanAssist sock drive.Details

Pattern: Spindle Socks by Anna Bell – a great cable sock pattern – very quick and easy, thanks to the slipping of the stitch which you end up cabling – makes it much easier. And the sportweight yarn and bigger sticks helps too! If I was making these again, I’d probably do the legs one or two repeats longer, but I wasn’t sure how much yarn I’d have left so played it safe and just did as the pattern said.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in a gorgeous red – colour 340700 – 2 x 50g balls
Sticks: 3mm KnitPicks Harmony dpns.

Time: Leaving aside the time for the first unfortunate sock, these took 20 days – mainly knit on the bus too! Started on 1 April and finished on 20 April – yay!

What I learnt: Trust my instincts on gauge!

I hope the person who receives these truly finds them a warm hug for their feet. Despite the frogging, I really enjoyed making these socks and put lots of warm thoughts into them.



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15 responses to “Spindle Socks, v.2

  1. they were duly handed to Kuka last night who was very grateful. She loved your band (which I copied).I love the socks and plan to make some myself. How appropriate yours were red!

  2. Ooh, I got to fondle those last night! they are delicious. Very generous knitting.

  3. I am sure whoever gets to wear those sock will love them. Handknit socks really do hug your feet. And we all need a hug.

  4. Ann

    Love the socks & the pattern looks great. I like your special packaging – very innovative & I may have to copy it for my next sock gift. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. those look so soft, love the color šŸ˜‰

  6. amy

    I love the color, too. Beautiful socks. They LOOK warm and squishy! I can just imagine how they feel!

  7. Lovely – you’d be warm in those even before you put them on!

  8. ooooh RR, these socks are divine!!I’m sure that the recipient will be delighted!I think the band is a beautiful idea =)

  9. I’ll join the chorus: love the colour, love the socks and thanks for being so generous!

  10. kim

    They look perfect! I like the idea of using sportweight yarn. I’m sure the recipient will love them!

  11. They look lovely. The yarn looks so nice.

  12. del

    What a great gift! I love the color…they’re absolutely beautiful.

  13. I love the wrapper idea!

  14. Very nice pattern and your wrapper is great. I think I have some of that yarn, big yarn, big needles for socks, good idea!!!

  15. What wonderful generosity. They are truly lovely and bright socks. The recipient is sure to love them!

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