SHOESday: Surprise!

This pair is for Michele, who giggled last week when she saw my “winter” boots – being a Canadian, and used to snow, they weren’t quite her idea of winter boots!

These aren’t quite as loved as George’s (although they are probably older than hers believe it or not!). I did have to fish them out from right under the middle of the bed and give them a dust off, they haven’t had much wear lately, although they did do me very well on my last trip to London a few years ago – blunnies really are very comfortable boots (although I wouldn’t sleep in them like George!).In case of any doubt that they are actually mine (not husby’s!) those are my feet and legs in that shot above!And don’t they look fetching with my Pomatomus/Child’s First Sock in Shell pattern combo socks!


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14 responses to “SHOESday: Surprise!

  1. ha ha. You bogan wannabe! Yes, they do look incredibly fetching with your socks! Do you have a matching flanny?

  2. kim

    Pretty socks in my favorite colorway!

  3. Hey Bells, come over here and make that bogan comment…..I think they’re very fetching! And very nicely looked after too. Makes me feel very neglectful!

  4. Since high school I’ve always had a pair of elastic-sided boots (currently Redbacks maybe 10 years old!). Your photo with the socks reminded me of my fave outfit around yr 12 (1992): long layered skirt, big cream jumper, cream slouch socks and brown boots like these. And I’ve just realised a part of me still wants that outfit.

  5. Finally! Shoes I’d wear!!! ;-)They look comfy too and perfect with handknit socks.

  6. Love the blunnies -good used to be Tasmanian boots!

  7. Meg

    Good ol’ blunnies – Michele might like to know that I bought by blunnies ‘near new’ at a market from a Canadian. She had been a performer with the firestick twirlers in the opening ceremony of the syndey olypmics and was issued blunnies as part of the costume. Unfortunately for her, they were a 1/2 size too small. She got through the dress rehearsal and the opening ceremony and then couldn’t wait to see the back of them! I snatched them up shortly thereafter for a song and never has a more comfortable boot graced my foot!

  8. kms

    tres chic! a great feeling, hand knitted wool socks inside blunnies. nice.

  9. del

    Those are some SERIOUS boots. Since we don’t really much cold weather, our boots are just for show.

  10. hahahah! you do own some! yay and bravo.

  11. Em

    They look comfortable and warm. Both are good qualities to have in a shoe. They’re not quite as exciting as some of your other selections, but I daresay they’ll keep your feet warmer in the winter. 🙂

  12. hahahahaha! I LOVE Blundstones! I used to have a pair when I was a Town PLanner for site visits. They cam in handy on more than one occassion and sooooooooo comfortable!

  13. Great boots. They are beautiful with your socks!! It is sad that we have lost Blunnies from The Apple Isle and they are manufactured overseas now I think….

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