’tis the season

Clearly it is the time of the scarf for me. Here’s the latest one finished – and I’ve currently got another 3 on the sticks, and I reckon at least 10 in my queue…sigh!

I’ve had my eye on this Noro Kochoran yarn for some time – just loved the colours, they looked so fabulous in the skein. And when Bells and I met up at Bowral the other week, I had a little Noro explosion and 2 skeins of this came home with me.Quite seredipitously (is that a word?) a couple of months ago Ailsa designed a great scarf using Noro (although Silk Garden) – I thought this would be perfect for the Kochoran. After an aborted first version using 6mm needles, I tried again with 7mm and a couple of modifications, and I’m really happy with it!Details

Yarn: 1 x 100g skein Noro Kochoran, colour 10. I was going to use both skeins, but then after 1 skein the scarf was 110cm and I thought that was plenty long enough for a scarf to tie around my neck. I’m really pleased with this length – 115 cm after blocking. No trailing ends to drag on the ground! I liked knitting with it as well, although there was a knot in the skein and the new yarn didn’t match up – but it’s not really obvious, I don’t think!

Sticks: 7mm KnitPicks Harmony Options – made a lovely drapey fabric, really pleased with it.

Pattern: Choke scarf from Knitabulous – very easy, very effective pattern. I made a couple of modifications to make the scarf narrower and a bit more open – I omitted 1 stitch on each side, and also 2 knit stitches in the middle. I did a yo instead of m1 for the increases (as Ailsa suggested) and also slipped the first stitch on each row purlwise.Time: 6 May 2008 – 14 May 2008.
What I learned: Short scarves rock! And big sticks, big yarn – so quick to knit!


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19 responses to “’tis the season

  1. Right. It’s decided. I am making that scarf with MY Noro.Looks fantastic and I can’t see where the change in skeins is so I think it’s all good!

  2. That is so lovely.I came across some Silk Garden in Mansfield on the weekend, and it was all I could do to NOT buy it.

  3. kms

    oh i too am in the mood for scarves and that one is very inspiring, its lovely!!

  4. kim

    Oh, my, it’s just lovely! I must make one… I saw it on Ravelry and loved it immediatley.

  5. So lovely – I’m lost again – that is so going to nbe knitted when I come back!

  6. Gorgeous scarf. I am so looking forward to a new project so close to finishing the jersey for H. Decided I am definitely not a knitter and look so forward to getting back to my crochet hook. H has put in a request for me to make a scarf. But I need to make a few winter beanies first.Beautiful yarn!

  7. Suddenly that odd skein of Kochoran I have is looking more attractive. Great scarf.

  8. Honestly, my ‘To DO’ list is groaning. That would bbe about he 5the project. Nevertheless, 7mm needles sounds attractive. I’m on 4mm needles again and the hands are protesting. More big needle projects make tendons happy stretchies : )

  9. That is a beautiful pattern – and scarf, of course! I’m still a little leery of Noro – there always seem to be knots (and when you pay that much, you shouldn’t get knots, it seems to me), and I just always find it too scratchy. It is so gorgeous, though, that I’m always tempted.

  10. Love those colors too and yes a short scarf works very well. To be able to fold it just below your chin is sometimes quite enough.

  11. And it is teh beautiful!

  12. Em

    Wow, the colors in the yarn are gorgeous. And you really see the range of them when the scarf is laid out. Lovely pattern, and brave of you to modify it. I’m always scared that the Knitting Police will come take my sticks away if I do something like that.

  13. That’s gorgeous – I agree, there’s always a place for a short scarf! I love how the lace pattern is simple enough not to detract from the colours and how the colours are subtle enough not to detract from the lace. Good one!

  14. del

    It looks so soft & fuzzy, but you can still see the pattern definition. It’s lovely!

  15. this is such a lovely scarf. looks especially pretty in the photo where it’s all stretched out and we can see the whole thing. nice choice of yarn and pattern here.

  16. Ann

    The scarf is gorgeous. I don’t like knitting scarfs as they take so long. I think I will have to try your suggestion – big needles & short scarf. Thanks.

  17. Such a great scarf, I adore the colours and the pattern. Thanks for the link!!!

  18. And very pretty it is too!

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