SHOESday: are these not the perfect boots?

The wedge heeled boot has been tempting me for a couple of years now. I’d see them in the shops and think how I’d love a pair of wedge heeled knee high boots, but then I’d always think better of it. Mostly as I have black high heeled boots, and the wedges have always been quite high as well, and I don’t really need two pairs of black high heeled knee high boots, do I?You bet I do!! This winter I saw these in my LSS* and I could not say no. But it’s really about the subtle differences…perfect wedge height – can be worn casually or dressed up. And suede, not leather. And stretchy, so they will actually zip all the way up my (ahem) “shapely” calves. I think they are perfect.And I learnt a new trick from the lady in the LSS (those with skinny legs may ignore this). I already knew that it helps to sit or lie down and stick your leg up in the air when zipping up knee high boots, but another tip is to thread a sturdy shoe lace through the zipper pull, and use the ends of the shoe lace to pull up the zip – trust me, it makes it a lot easier, especially towards the top of the calf.These are indeed my new favourite boots.

*Local Shoe Shop


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15 responses to “SHOESday: are these not the perfect boots?

  1. Oh I can see why!! Lovely!!! And excellent tips. I have shapely calves too and so should I get around to buying knee highs, i will remember this! Great colour.

  2. Ann

    Love the boots & the color. I have the same problem with my more than shapely calves. So far, I have not found a pair of boots that fit!

  3. I’ve emailed begging for direction to your LSS!

  4. Oooh, I love these! I have a very similar pair, except the heel is also suede, and they are stretchy enough not to need a zip. Stetchy boots are soo flattering on curvy calves aren’t they? My boots always make me feel incredibly grown up!

  5. Love them – and the tips on getting boots zipped up :o)Thanks for doing the meme and the wonderful image of you in that uniform!

  6. Ooooh, I love suede!(Sadly, the de-icing salt used in the parking lots here does not love suede at all! boo hoo!)

  7. Em

    Oooooh, I am filled with envy! I have always craved a pair of knee-high boots, but I’ve never yet seen a pair that really spoke to me. They’re so versatile, and so pretty. *wipes drool from keyboard*

  8. those are great boots! and wow the shoe lace trick – i never would have thought of that.

  9. del

    Oh, those are super hot. Love that heel!

  10. wedge heels are so much more comfortable. And I also have shapely calves and often cannot buy boots because of the zipper problem. I have been unhappy about this but my shapely calves are muscle and are not likely to go away anytime soon so I don’t wear boots anymore. I miss them. I have two pairs of ankle boots that I really like but they’re not the same.

  11. Really weird as I was sure I left a comment yesterday… anyhow loving the boots… feel a desire to go boot shopping myself, well it is the weather for it. Bought a dress from Rubi and Lana today how strange is that.

  12. Yes they are. I have ‘athletic calves’ too. I have completely given up on boots though!! You look very good in yours.

  13. Lovely! Boots are proof of a divine higher power.

  14. They are very lovely! I just snapped the zip on my only pair of boots, and they almost need a new sole. Perhaps I should get a new pair soonish! Maybe in the winter sales.

  15. I love them, so elegant. I have some but with not such a wedge heel, I love that heel!

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