Love is a many splendoured thing!

I am in love, yes I am!

When I first saw Pearl, sparks flew. I knew she had to be mine, I knew we would be perfect for each other (well, to be absolutely honest, there are some nagging doubts about her shape, I’m not entirely sure she’s the right shape for me, but like any good lover with stars in her eyes, I’ve pushed my doubts aside. Pearl is not a gold digger, Pearl will stand by me through thick and thin. If only I can get her to be mine.

I got her picture first, and treasured it and looked at it every so often, when I needed a lift. I made sure I had the right yarn for the love spell to work most effectively, buying it just after I found out it was discontinued. I even tested the yarn to make sure it would be right. Twice, that’s how dedicated I was to my pursuit of Pearl.

And now I’ve started making the love spell, and I can feel it working already. I love my Pearl, oh yes I do!



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18 responses to “Love is a many splendoured thing!

  1. So lovely! The colour is just perfect.

  2. amy

    I love the background to your swatches!!

  3. Oh she looks beautiful! I hope it’s an affair to remember! Must think about mine.And I think she’ll be great on you. honestly!

  4. You will most certainly look like a Pearly Princess. Beautiful colour and great pattern.

  5. It looks great – and I love the color! (What are you doing with those letter block thingies? Are they good for blocking or something? Cuz I was just about ready to get rid of mine…

  6. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Just make sure you hold your tongue right the whole way through and it will be the perfect fit!

  7. kim

    Wow, are those actual swatches?! I’ve heard of them, but… Pearl looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see more.

  8. Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship….

  9. Oh yes she’s beautiful!

  10. Oh, beautiful smooth and lovely tension squares!!! I had to click back to remind myself what Pearl was!! She’s looking good!!! I also love the background foam alphabet tiles!!

  11. I love your Pearl too!

  12. Great color! I have the yarn for this too so I will keep my eye on yours and see how it goes. I must finish a couple things before I begin!!

  13. Its going to be fab, the yarn looks such a gorgeous colour.

  14. del

    I love new love! How sweet. The color is great!

  15. Very nice! I can’t wait to see some pictures of you and your new love when she’s all finished!

  16. i think Pearl will look fantastic on you! the lines at the neck and front are lovely. and the back details are also interesting.

  17. kms

    oh shes started! looks lovely so far, cant wait to see more.

  18. Ann

    Pearl is coming along nicely – love the color of the yarn. Happy knitting.

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