SHOESday: Purpla!

(bonus points for anyone who gets the obscure pop culture reference in the title…)

So we’ve had red, black and black. I think it’s time for some colour in the boot department!

Now who doesn’t need a pair of purple knee high boots? I am totally sure the answer is “no-one” – because purple boots rock!Especially when they are made of stretchy faux suede fabric that easily zips up over the shapely calf.

Mmmmm, purpla.


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19 responses to “SHOESday: Purpla!

  1. kim

    They are hot! And they are quite flattering as well. I think if Prince ever comes back around, you will definitely have something to wear to his show!

  2. Em

    Score, first comment! heeheeThose are quite the statement shoe, and it must take some bravery to wear them. Kudos to you, I’ll bet you pair them up nicely. And I have to say, I wasn’t expecting purple shoes on this journey. I would love to just look through your collection…

  3. Em

    Drat, not quite the first comment, after all. Sooo close, and yet so far…

  4. Holy moly. They are INCREDIBLE!!!! Do you get much chance to wear them? And I’m guessing it’s a Prince reference but I was never much of a Prince fan.Wow I love those.

  5. Oh my goodness. Now I have serious shoe envy. I have admired your shoes before, but those boots take it to a whole new level!! Purple! Knee! High! Boots!Aarrrgh.

  6. Oh I want! Need! Desire!

  7. Said by Gru. on Angel!

  8. Hee hee, I’m gigging over Kim’s thing. Prince! Anyway, very cool, as usual!

  9. [hiding screen with both hands before husband asks why I don’t have any purpla suede boots]

  10. wantwantwantwantwant[ but I still have to pay for the red and black cowdy boots coming from the states ]

  11. Squeeeel! I love them …. They are the first shoesday shoes that have made me squeel!

  12. those make your legs look endless. nice.

  13. I love boots, they’re my favourite shoe of all time. I never thought of purple boots – but seeing yours they might just be my favouritest of all!Superdag me has no idea of the popculture reference, will you tell us next post?

  14. I was going to say “I don’t need purpla boots” but your photos are making me change my mind. I would so find something to wear them with. They are beautiful.

  15. Such delicous boots!!! Love the suede hugging the shapely calf too!!!

  16. del

    How pretty! Makes me wish I lived someplace cold!

  17. Oh my Lord! What insanely beautiful boots! Mmmmmmm. I do like to check your Shoesday, because I wonder if you’ll ever ever ever get to the point where .. you have no more shoes to show? te heShall just go slink back past my lowly cupboard of shoes which, don’t faint, I could count on two hands. LOL

  18. My mum actually had a pair of purple boots as we were growing up I used to admire them… Must ask her where they have got to.Your boots look great… I was inspired by yours and my twinee bought me a pair as a birthday present nothing like yours but boots and I love them, still have them boxed and keep getting them out just to look at them (kinda sad really)

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