Oh dear, I’ve given someone the clap…

This clap thing, it’s contagious! Once my resistance broke down, there was no going back. I even got a double dose. Then I thought I’d pass it on, spread the love so to speak! The occasion of Snoozen’s big birthday presented it to me as a great opportunity!

Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert, from Knitty. I did 6 increase repeats (I think!) – not as many as the pattern called for, as I wanted it to be more of a scarf and less of a wrap, although still wide enough for a light wrap. I did a lot more of the straight repeats, about 18 or 20, to ensure it was a good length – post a light steam blocking it ended up being 196cm/78″.

Yarn: I bought the yarn last year on a day trip to Robertson, in the Southern Highlands of NSW. I always thought it’d be good for a dose of the clap. It’s a handspun, slubby yarn – thick and thin texture – in some places very very thin, like cobweb weight!! I bought 3 x 100g skeins and I just had to start the 3rd skein about halfway through the decrease rows at the end.

(mmmm, nubbly goodness!)
Sticks: I used 5mm KnitPicks Options, which gave a nice drape.
Time: 27 May 2008 – 20 June 2008 (at around midnight the night before the gift-giving – talk about cutting the deadline fine!!)

This is our back door neighbour’s cat (not sure of his name but we him call Black & White) checking it out!



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19 responses to “Oh dear, I’ve given someone the clap…

  1. Noooooo I shall resist! The clap was doing the runs when I first started blogging and I ummmed and ahhhed over it then! And now you and Helen have brought it back and I don’t know if I have the strength!

  2. I’ve managed to keep myself clean of this so far, but there does seem to be a bit of a flare-up going on at the moment. My immunity is definitely compromised when I see an example as lovely as yours!

  3. If your Happy and you own a Clappy Clap your hands yeeahoooooooooooRoseRed I will be posting it on my blog. I have wanted to take a better photo then the one I had of myself wearing it. I have worn it twice this week Sunday and Monday, thought I better air it yesterday.I love it and I love all the gifts you gave me. BUT I especially love this and Hs button card but more about that on my blog soon!Big Thankful, heartfelt hugs of gratitude and love

  4. Beautiful! You used 3 x 100g skeins? I don’t think I got my mum enough yarn to make me one! I’d better check.

  5. Oh it’s beautiful. I’m so impressed. What a marvellous gift. I loved the feel of the yarn when I saw it last week. It’s lovely.

  6. kim

    *Snort* The Clap *Snort* Okay, that made me laugh. How have I managed not to make one? It’s very pretty indeed.

  7. Oh pretty!!I want another Clap and realised I have around 400gr of Touch yarn 8 ply in sea colours……….

  8. This is a pattern that I have managed to avoid. I’m not sure how I feel about all those dropped stitches. Your yarn choice is inspired, though. Really beautiful. And thank you, thank you for the tip on the boots. I have shapely calves and have wanted boots for a long time. Now I will find a shoemaker who can make them fit me!

  9. Oh that’s gorgeous! What a fabulous gift.

  10. And they’re happy about it! But who wouldn’t be – it’s a wonderful example :o)

  11. So pretty – the yarn is fabulous! I’m sure she loved getting such an amazing gift!

  12. love the colors! and the idea of it being more of a scarf. it looks so pretty on her.

  13. You got the clap! I got the clap! We all got the clap! I am about to start my fifth, ad ok I haven’t finished 3 or 4 but hey, number 5 is a gift so I should get it done……… eventually! 🙂

  14. Its just the weather for the Clap, and this variety doesnt cause your nose to fall off! Beautiful yarn too.

  15. Its a lovely Clapotis, so nice to see a handspun yarn one.

  16. Ann

    It’s so lovely & I love the colors. The yarn looks gorgeous too with it’s varying widths. Great job.

  17. I still haven’t done a Clapotis, and I can feel my resistance weakening the more I see such lovely offerings as yours!

  18. Just because I can, I think I might cast on a clap tonight. Why not?Fickle knitter? Me?

  19. if jejeune weakens will that leave me the only clapotis-less knitter in the land?

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