SHOESday: Fierce!

Because one pair of leopard print shoes is not enough…
Heels for work, flats for the weekend. Great with jeans.
A fabulous, fierce reminder of New York!



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15 responses to “SHOESday: Fierce!

  1. I would NEVER have thought animal prints of any kind were ok but you have convinced me. It’s in the detail. A whole outfit? No thanks. In shoes? Yes please!

  2. Purring like a leopard. Another beauty and I am sure Nellie likes them too!

  3. Another ROWE here – I love them (and I love the heels too) release the beast inside!!

  4. ooh they’e gorgeous

  5. Ohhhh luverly! When I was a teenager I owned a pair of zebra print platforms. Not luverly and not subtle! Yours however are simply gorge!

  6. oh, I love them. Really Really, I want them, what size are you again?? I must photograph all my new shoes for you. I have a pair of Dr Marten’s Ballet slippers!! 🙂

  7. I love the buckle detail – so perfect!

  8. amanda

    Just came over from princesspeas’s place and now I neeeed those shoes!

  9. No, I need them! They’re fabulous!!

  10. That’s my kind of shoe!

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