SHOESday: Kitteh paws

Yeah, so I thought I might get away with not revealing the final figure, but you were all on to me … so, would you be shocked if I said (erm) 85?

So these are the most recent acquisitions – I saw these earlier this year and was stalking them since, hoping against hope they’d go on sale and I’d find them in my size.

Clearly the karma gods were smiling on me because these beauties are now mine…

I was flashing them to one of my work friends and noted how soft they are – just like slippers – she said they were so soft you’d think they were made of kitteh paws. So ever since, they’ve been known by us as the kitteh paw shoes. And every time I see a picture of kittens on Cute Overload I send them off to her noting the possibilities for my next pair of shoes!

(Kidding! Clearly I would not wear shoes made of actual kitteh paws … do you believe me?!)


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13 responses to “SHOESday: Kitteh paws

  1. Look, given your love of shoes, I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past you. I mean, if the kitten wasn’t using the fur anymore….who knows?Cute shoes!

  2. kim

    Okay, these just may be my favorite pair so far. I lurve the toe, and they’re red! I have some red loafers with a similar toe, and (dare I say it?) I actually bought two pairs in case one wore out!

  3. I love the toe. I am not fond of pointy toes and these look perfect. I just bought a pair of very ladylike slingback pumps to wear to a wedding and they have a squared off toe. So comfortable.

  4. del

    Of course I believe you! Those shoes look SOFTER than kitteh paws anyway. Too cute.

  5. sue

    Love the shoes, they look so comfortable too.

  6. Just lovely – and you know that you WOULD wear kittah pawz – if they were beautiful enough!

  7. I love these – a favorite, for sure! Practical, yet beautiful. NICE!

  8. Ann

    Wow-that’s a lot of shoes! I love your new shoes especially the toes. They look so comfortable.

  9. 85!!!!!! Oh, Jane! 🙂 The most recent acquisitions are fabulous! [Square toes are my favourite.]

  10. I LOVE these ones! Love that they’re red, love the ballet style, love the square toe, love the weave, love that they’re soft as kitteh’s paws!And 85 pairs? Shocked? Not really, given the prominence of shoes in your blog. Jealous? Definitely!

  11. They are absolutely gorgeous but … but … but … 85 ???? ~~faints~~LOL

  12. They are lovely, I like the toe. I want some of them!!

  13. love them! the toe – the woven leather – the stitching. they remind me of a pair of shoes i got a million years ago in Brazil. can see why you got these. and no you would not make shoes of kp’s. 🙂

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