Almost French, almost Australian

I finished these socks ages ago but just haven’t had a chance to post them until now.

In fact, I finished them on the day the Tour de France started. And given they are “almost French”, I’m wearing them today. And I’ll be wearing them tonight, as I cheer on Cadel Evans in the time trial where I hope he will gain at least 1min34s – but hopefully more! They are even “almost Australian” – if only that pale blue was white instead! So perfect, I think.

Yarn: Yarntini self-striping sock yarn in colour McDreamy (yep – blue for the scrubs, dark blue for the eyes, and red for the … um, blood? (ewwwwwwww!)). This is fabulous yarn but unfortuntely fairly hard to get (I was lucky, someone was destashing!) and the skeins are really generous – I’ve got at least 30g left.

Pattern: Simple stocking stitch toe up socks, used Judy’s Magic Cast-on for the toe, short row heel and 2×2 rib on the cuff, with the sewn bind-off. I did the main partof the sock on 64 stitches and increased to 68 stitches as I moved up the leg before the cuff.

Sticks: KnitPicks fixed circular, 2.5mm, using magic loop.

Time: I was planning on knitting these only while watching Grey’s Anatomy (hey, it’s McDreamy yarn after all!) but the series finished before I got the knitting finished! So 10 February 2008 – 5 July 2008.

What I learnt: I thought about trying to make the stripes match on the second sock, but then couldn’t be bothered (surprise!). I was extremely pleased to see that the stripes actually alternate on the second sock, as does the colours on the heel. So I learnt that it can be good to be lazy, because I bet if I actually tried to do this, it just would not have worked!
Now, go Cadel! I’m working the sock mojo for you tonight!!


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15 responses to “Almost French, almost Australian

  1. Nice socks (have you seen my dublin Bays? Same colours – different yarn!)

  2. They’re very cute socks! I love the alternating heel, and I’m sure Cadel will feel the lurve from across the seas!

  3. Positive and negative socks – cute!! I bet they will keep your feet toasty warm while you mcdream of Cadel gaining in the time trial!

  4. They are fantastic! I can’t believe that yarn – it’s perfect. Go Cadel, Go!

  5. I LOVE how the heels turned out! And the McDreamy red must be for all the hearts he melts…

  6. del

    Yay for laziness! I never try to match up stripes either. The way these happened to come out is just perfect.

  7. amy

    (Not getting the Grey’s Anatomy references at all.)All the top contenders are racing the time trial while we’ll be in the car on the way to the hospital for the boys’ sibling class and tour, so they know what to expect in a few months. You know, I should have picked another day for this class…!

  8. yay they’re finished! It does seem like they have taken FOREVER. But what a result!ps finished the cardigan 2 hours ago!

  9. I love how the stripes are perfect (even if different) and don’t pool! they look great!

  10. Noice socks, and I love how the heels worked out!

  11. Absolutely brilliant! Love the colour and I actually think the socks are better if they don’t match the stripes or colour pooling. Love that uniqueness of them.

  12. love this colourway – and you’re right, VERY hard to get, so enjoy!

  13. Ann

    Love the socks & the colors! The stripes are so even & they looked great even when they don't matched. Great work.

  14. Gad. I absolutely love those!

  15. I love the color of those socks!

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