August IS for finishing!

I’ve become ever so slightly distressed by the growing number of WIPS I’ve got. I know the number of WIPS is my fault – if I didn’t keep casting on for new things, I’d be ok, wouldn’t I?! But I can’t be monogamous when it comes to the knitting. However, I have decided that I need to be slightly less promiscuous than I am at present. I mean, I’ve got at least 14 WIPS right now! Bad RoseRed!!

In an effort to try to keep my number of WIPS at 10 (or less), I’ve decided August is for Finishing! No more new projects this month, unless I also finish them this month.

I’d thought about doing the Knitting Olympics on Ravelry, as so many others are doing. But coming off the most excellent Tour de France KAL, and given that I’m feeling slightly conflicted about the whole political situation in China, I’ve decided not to officially participate in any Ravelympics fun but I’ll still be knitting along as I watch the Olympics (as I have been every moment I’ve had a chance so far this weekend!).

So a round-up of the things I’ve put on my finishing list – I don’t expect to get them all finished, of course, but these are the main targets:

Ruby Tuesday (my February Lady Sweater)
25% done – ideally I’d like to finish her so I can wear her this year before it gets too hot.


I haven’t flashed dear Cherish for you yet. She’s for a friend and I’m about 70% done. Unfortunately in a yarn which has been discontinued. I scored some more from Carson via Ravelry (thanks again!) but found I needed more. A desperate email to the ACS mill shop at Wangaratta yielded one more ball – their last – am just waiting on it to arrive.

Inga’s Crochet Bag

I started this on the way to Fiji – I managed to get a bamboo crochet hook on the plane, and also thought a cotton crochet project would be good in the warmth of Fiji. Inga is about 60% done.

Denim Pinafore

This is the second one of these I’ve made – she’s been in the snooze list for some time now (started in 2006!!) and I really don’t have that much to go. So am planning on making a big effort on this WIP this month. Another one about 70% done!

Kristie’s sock
Can’t flash a picture of this one – it’s a surprise! So far, about 40% done. Hopefully I’ll get this one finished too…
Lady Eleanor
You all know what she looks like – I’ve done 22 tiers now … only 12, or maybe 14, to go – hopefully, depending on the length when I get there!

So fingers crossed for me! I know I won’t get them all done, but hopefully will make a big dent in the list … as long as I avoid a certain bad influence!!


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18 responses to “August IS for finishing!

  1. I was thinking the same thing on Friday night.I really should have done the WIP Wrestling event at the Ravelympics, rather than the two I’m doing which AREN’T WIPs!i wish you luck in you quest.

  2. Goodness me!! When we talked about being overwhelmed by WIPs today, I didn’t realise you were SO overwhelmed. I need a good lie down after contemplating all of that!!!It’ll be wonderful to see you tick stuff off. Get to it!

  3. I’ll be anxious to see how much you’ve completed…these are very wonderful projects-I should go now and finish some of mine :-)!!!

  4. MAN! I didn’t realise you were drowning in WIPs! Drowning!! Ok, take a deep breath… and go 4 it!

  5. Wow – that’s a fair few WIPs! Sounds like you’ve got the motivation, training and skill to Go For Gold in the Finished Objects event šŸ˜‰ (sorry, that was a bit groan-worthy).I must admit I’m not joining in any knitting Olympics things either – and am just working on finishing a couple of projects ‘informally’. Don’t need the extra stress.

  6. kim

    Ah, yes, I am beginning to feel much the same way. I don’t exactly know how it happened since I AM a monogamous knitter at heart. Time to hunker down and fix the problem! I’m getting a bit gaspy over the situation.

  7. Yayyyy! Someone who might actually have more WIPs than I do!(Now I’m afraid to go count them – and non-knitting ones don’t count.)

  8. Good for you. Too many WIPs can definitely be stress-inducing, which is ironic for a hobby that’s meant to be relaxing! I made a Cherish cardigan last year, if you are using the yarn specified in the pattern and still need more, let me know, I think I’ve got some left.

  9. Me? Bad Influence? Surely not. But can I tempt you with a GREAT PRICE? You know where to place THE order – heh heh heh.

  10. kms

    gees louise, those arent any old wips either…i thought maybe you had like 10 pairs of socks unfinished or something, but no…. personally, i really want to see the FLS finished the most, she was lovely at last sighting.

  11. Those are indeed beautiful wips. I like the fls and want to make one for me. But I can’t do it. I have to finish the project I started before I can start that one. I feel guilt about having two pairs of socks going at once! I am truly a monogamous knitter.

  12. Ann

    All of us do have this problem & I am trying to do the same – finish 1 project before casting on a new one. Good luck with finishing all those WIPs!

  13. amy

    I start to get twitchy when I reach 3 or 4–how do you do it? Good luck with all your finishing. They all look like worthwhile projects!

  14. Oh those wips – I only have 2 big ones and lots of socks, but that’s life – and I need jumpers, and cardis and hats…..

  15. lilypily

    Hmmm, yes, that’s a lot, but I know you can do it. šŸ™‚ Just think how smug and self-satisified you will feel when you can tick a few off the list. Worth it, absolutely worth it. šŸ™‚

  16. Just thinking of that many WIP’s is making me start to sweat, I couldn’t cope. But funny that you should mention about finishing off things. I finally finished last night the sock I was half way through when Southern Summer of Socks wrapped up. It’s sat there mourning the loss of summer since then. Pictures will be forthcoming.

  17. I have a friend (a real one, not me in disguise) who made finishing her UFOs her ravelympics goal, thus killing two birds with one stone. So there must be something about August, and finishing, in the air… and you can count me in, too! No more new things for me, either!

  18. You have inspired me to continue with a few unfinished projects. I or should I say E was the proud receiver of pinafore number 1 and now R wears it and I love it as much now as I did when we first received it. The pinafore is so worthy of being completed. As of course are the others I just know the beauty of this finished product!

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