Keeping Track – July 2008

I’m a bit late posting my monthly update – I also missed A Day in My Life this month. Darn work, actually keeping me busy and getting in the way of my blogging!

So a quick note on my stash honesty for July…I would have done ok, except for Spotlight having a sale on Lion Cotton (amongst other things) – how could I not buy more – it was less than half price!

Oh, and George and her German yarn temptations…I couldn’t quite help myself with the sock yarn and some Drops Lin (just to see what it’s like…)

And my workmate Sarah went to Liberty of London:

And all she bought me was this:

fabulous alpacky!!!

And even though I destashed somewhat for my blogthday giveaway, I’ve clearly still come out with more yarn at the end of the month than I had going in.

In: 36 x 50g balls
Out: 20.5 balls

YTD: +97 x 50g balls of yarn. Well, I kinda think I won’t be buying that much yarn going forward – since we might have just bought a new house…


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13 responses to “Keeping Track – July 2008

  1. Bloody George and her German Yarn Temptations (sounds like the name of a 70’s pop group).New house! Fingers crossed!

  2. The coloured yarns definitely look tempting, but the alpacky wins hands down!

  3. Oh how exciting a new house!! Will there be … dare I ask … a yarn room? ROFLMAO. What a beautiful soft looking wool the alpaca is. What are you plans for it?

  4. Very exciting about the house and gorgeous yarn!! Lucky you to have such a nice colleague!

  5. amy

    I’m with madmad. What’s up with just dropping wee little bits of tantalizing information? πŸ˜‰

  6. oh yesterday must have been the day for it in Sydney. Adele got her new house too! Love the London stash!

  7. lilypily

    Lots of new yarn everywhere I look in Blogland at the moment. πŸ™‚ Love the London addition. πŸ™‚

  8. Very fabulous alpacky!And Im clamouring with the others too – house news please!!

  9. New house new yarn – that must mean it’s time for – NEW SHOES!

  10. Ahem, yes.Because we all know how much you NEED more yarn.Ahem.

  11. Ann

    Gorgeous yarn. You will need more yarn if you are moving to a new house as you will have more space!

  12. Ok, no fair dropping that “new house” thing at the end and leaving us hanging. Do tell. All the details. Houses are so exciting.

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