who? me? bandwagon?

Rattle, rattle, om pa pa, whoa! scree! oof!

Yep, that’s me jumping on the bandwagon that just pulled up (who’da thunk it would be an om pa pa band wagon). How could I not get myself a few of QM’s fabulous sunnyboys?

How cool are these?! I especially love the red knitting one – of course. And the birds on the clothesline with the socks!

Love ’em. Perfect size for socks or other small knitting or crochet project. Do yourself a favour – pop over to Buttontree Lane and pick yourself up one. Or two. Or three. Or more, so I don’t feel quite as bad!!


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11 responses to “who? me? bandwagon?

  1. Ooh you guys keep showing these pretty little bags and I think my sock cube might need a friend :o)Good luck with your August projects

  2. yes yes! Love them to bits. I need more than one, obviously.

  3. My Penguins arrived on Friday and are helplessly adored!

  4. There’s nothing wrong with being on a bandwagon!! And I think you definitely need more than one too: They’re very cute!!

  5. Ha ha! You’re a crazy lady, but I love you!(I’d never noticed the socks on the line and I’ve sewn about four of them together – how stupid am I? That is bloody brilliant!)

  6. del

    OMGosh, those are SO cute!

  7. kms

    they are gorgous, i have one coming but i feel inadequate and will have to order more obviously. and woohoo re the house, we will be like, practically neighbours…

  8. kim

    Stoppit, you pusher! Those are adorable!!!! I especially like the bird bag. Nice!

  9. very cute… I love the birds on the clothesline!

  10. They’re so cute though – nothing wrong with jumping on a bandwagon of cuteness!

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