SHOESday: Yes, it’s still the case

Clearly, I still wish I was in Fiji.

Although the sunshine on Sunday helped me feel less sad about not being there.

Oh well, soon it will be summer and no doubt I’ll be complaining about how hot it is!



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11 responses to “SHOESday: Yes, it’s still the case

  1. Red and sparkly! Could it get much better?

  2. kim

    You stop that talk! I’m not ready for Winter!!! I wore red shoes today and thought of you.

  3. are those leather soles – they look fantastic. i broke 2 pairs of sandals last week. darn. i hope summer gets to you soon even though that means winter for us.

  4. Ooh, I love them. They’d be perfect with shiny red toenails as well!(Don’t worry, I wish I was still in Fiji too, and it’s been over 15 months)

  5. lilypily

    Well thanks to Fiji your feet look so summery and ready for spring already. Mine need a bit of work before I let them out of the Uggs.

  6. Who wouldn’t rather be in Fiji :o) Very pretty shoes

  7. del

    I love those. They’d fit right in where I live.

  8. Lin

    Scrumptious shoes! Those sunnyboy pouches are lovely. I am trying hard to avoid buying 20!!

  9. I’m tuning in late. But FIJI! Woot! My sister and I were there last March. PARADISE!

  10. kms

    they are of course devine but i agree its too early for summer. put some ugg boots on.

  11. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! Loving those shoes. Oh yes and I agree, bring on the warm weather.

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