This is … where I live

A few weeks ago (quite possibly a month – my how time flies!) Tinkingbell wowed us with her castle home, in Tasmania, and tagged me to show where I live and talk about why.

So this is my house – a California bungalow style house, built in the depression years. Not much to look at from the front (although I have to say, a bit better than when we bought it!) but very nice inside (although, clearly, I am somewhat biased!!).

So why did we buy it? Well, we could afford it, for a start! It was a good area, quiet and close to the city but nicely suburban, with a good set of little shops at the corner (fruit & veg, corner store, pizza shop, chemist) and close to the bay walk. Also my brother lives in the next suburb, so it was good to be close to family.

We bought it at auction, as is the norm in a lot of Sydney, and after it had been “knocked down” to us, an older man came up to us and welcomed us to the neighbourhood, and told us that his dad had built the house (along with a lot of others in the street). We didn’t get a chance to talk to him further as we had to sign the contract and pay the deposit, which was a great shame, as we haven’t seen him since.

It needed a bit of work when we bought it – in fact, my mother cried when she first saw it – coming from the country, I think when she heard what we paid for it she was expecting a mansion. Which it was not (and still isn’t – see Tink’s place if you want a mansion!!).

So when we moved in we painted, polished the floorboards and put a door on the outside laundry and glass into the window space (!!). We mowed the backyard and chopped down the very straggly mulberry tree. We also took out the hills hoist which, along with the mulberry tree, took up the whole backyard. We got the gas connected and put in gas heating and a repro art deco gas fireplace and surround in the formal lounge.

A few years later we put in a new kitchen (gosh I love my kitchen!) and then a new bathroom. And we planted out the front garden (which, when we bought it, was covered in pebbles and concrete pavers and not much else). Then a couple more years later we pulled down the garage and built the deck in it’s place.

Which is now perhaps my favourite spot. As it is north facing it gets all the sun all day. Fantastic in winter, although a little warm in summer – but very nice in the evening! I’ll miss this deck a lot.

Here’s our backyard. Postage stamp sized, but neat and easy to maintain.
When we planted those trees they only just reached over the top of the fence. Clearly, we planted them a little close together – so hard to know how much they will spread when they are so little! They probably weren’t the best choice for the area, but they have given us a lovely private backyard.

But I won’t be living here for much longer! As I somewhat cheekily hinted last week, we’ve bought a new house! I didn’t want to jinx it by posting too early, but since we’ve now signed the contract, I can’t hold back on the news any longer.

So this is our new house:

(I borrowed these photos from the sale website…). It’s a federation house, built about 100 years ago, lots of lovely old features like picture rails and open fireplaces and a fantastic front verandah, with a modern extension at the back with open plan kitchen/dining/lounge area.

And a really, really big backyard.
OMG! Will have to get lots of vege patch advice from Bells! And also a compass so I don’t get lost getting back into the house! I’m going to miss our lovely house, but it’s exciting to be moving to a new area and into a new house with lots of possibilities.

And if I’ve done a good sales pitch on my current house, and you’d like to buy it, my email is in the sidebar!!!). And for anyone who feels minded to share, I’d love to see where you live and why!



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31 responses to “This is … where I live

  1. amy

    First, congratulations! And second, what’s a federation house? (And third, I bet all that hard work on your current house pays off!!)

  2. Oh my goodness I am beyond excited for you. I love your current home. i always feel so warm and happy there and so full of admiration for your eye for home decor. But your new home, with that HUGE backyard, is fabulous and I can’t wait to visit! And I will of course advise you on my still growing knowledge of veggie patches!Hooray!!!

  3. Oh so beautiful! What a lovely house you have now and what a lovely house you are about to have! Gorgeous house and gorgeous back yard – lovely!(When can I come and visit?)

  4. Congratulations! Your new home looks wonderful – and I love that verandah at the front. What potential in that back yard…

  5. There’s surely enough room there to host a knitting retreat! Heh heh. Looks lush – I expected nothing less.

  6. A lot of the time overseas blogs look just like home to me, but the tree in the backyard makes it look so “somewhere else”! (What is it, a cycad?)(alwen the horticulture major, still all about the plants after all these years!)

  7. I love federation style houses – they have so much character. Congratulations to you and Mr Rose Red.

  8. Congratulations Wicked J! I was speaking to Snoozen a couple of days ago and was wondering if your offer had been accepted.Now you’ll be able to dedicate a whole room to your stash.

  9. I loved the deck you added to the current house, and I’m sure you’ll miss it! But oh, the new house is just gorgeous! Congrats!

  10. lilypily

    Goodness, there’s enough room in your new back yard for us all to come and pitch tents. 🙂 Loved reading about your current home. It looks much loved and welcoming too. But your new home is lovely. Congratulations!! I know you’ll have so much fun over the next few months making the new place ‘yours’ (not to mention finding a new home for the stash).

  11. kms

    oh they are both lovely, and both very you, lots of character! cant wait to drop round for a cuppa to the new digs! 🙂

  12. Whoah! Gorgeous, gorgeous homes, both of them! Congrats RoseRed!

  13. Your new homes look fabulous … love the older style homes.Congratulations.Look forward to reading your blog, not only for the shoefest, but now perhaps, renovation and gardening too.How exciting!

  14. Congratulations! Looks looovely! I hope you’re going to be very happy there!

  15. Oh Woo HOO!!! COngratulations. OMG so gorgeous that new house. A little brown birdie told me that might be on the cards. SO happy for you!

  16. Hey great news :o) Congrats on finding that beautiful new place and on making a lovely home where you are now. Love the story about your Mum!

  17. Oh, Jane! It’s beautiful Congratulations. x

  18. I’m with Alwen. So often the houses and lands look like they could be next door but that large tree looks so different and wonderful. What a lovely house! We could almost all come and camp out in your yard for a retreat.(well, there is that large ocean-thing in the way!)

  19. Congratulations!! The new house looks amazing. Yes, a vegetable garden must be in the works. Is there lots of room for a ‘craftroom’? A new home for your stash?I love older homes too. Much more character.

  20. I loved this post. I had to come back to read it because I wanted to do so at a time I could enjoy it (you know, when everyone was stashed away and not bothering me and I wouldn’t have to hurry), and may have to come back a third time, or perhaps just move to Australia to better see it all. Is that a Sago palm? Holy frickin’ cow! I have a mini one in a pot by my front door. (Six inches tall…) And I LOVE the history of the Federation houses. That was fascinating. And you are an incredible designer/landscape designer. And I bet knitting needles don’t fall through the slats on YOUR deck, and man, the sky is blue. And congrats on your new fabuloso as all get out house. OK. I think I’m done.

  21. I was going to leave a comment about how lovely your house looked, and how great the deck seems, and then WOW! Look at that fantastic house you’re about to move into – stunning! I can’t wait to see more pictures once you’re there!

  22. del

    Congratulations!!! I love both homes (I like older houses that are more solidly built than the crap they build today). How exciting for you both.

  23. Hey Rose Red, love your current home and can’t wait to visit you guys in your soon to be new home.Hopefully we will get to see more of you guys…fingers crossed…now we are closer.We actually drove past your new place and thought the location was great and loved the look of the park.What do they say in real estate location location location!

  24. Em

    Congratulations on the new house! It looks lovely! And enormous! When are you inviting us all over for a visit? 😉 Airfare’s not that expensive these days, just give us a couple of months to save up, eh? All silliness aside, I wish you and Husby the very best in the new place. May you know nothing less than absolute love, perfect health, and incredible joy while you live there.

  25. Congratlulations on buying your new home. Excitting and scarey at the same time.We just brought our first investment house, got it for a bargin (3bdrm house huge backyard close to lake under $170,000), it does need alot of work but within 6wks we’ll have renters. I think its fun choosing paints, kitchen, appliances, tiles, etc…

  26. my goodness, it’s a palace! That back yard is to die for, oh, the possibilities!!!congratulations to you guys 🙂

  27. OMG, your new home is absolutely gorgeous. I say home instead of house, because it looks like a home. And complete with your own palm tree!!!! I can only imagine the pina coladas to be sipped under that, LOL. Goergeosu, absolutely gorgeous.

  28. Its super-fantastic Rose Red! I’ve completely got house/backyard/veggie patch envy. I live in a teeny terrace. Your new place is a palace!

  29. nice to see your beautiful new house (and your adorable old house). big Congratulations!

  30. Wow – that’s awesome. congrats

  31. just lovely!!!!! we are ready to bid at auction in a few weeks and hanging out for our house to sell….hope yours has!!!!

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