SHOESday: Mistakes – I’ve made a few –

Here’s mistake #2:

You know, I do still like these shoes.

I always did – I bought them in shoe mecca, Singapore, on, I think, my first trip there. They were really well-priced – and a quite common style in Singapore at the time – very pointy toes which are slightly turned up at the end.

But the mistake I made with them was not so much the decision to buy them. Can you see what the problem is?

I was walking to the bus stop to get to work, and the heel tip fell off the left shoe – and in my defence, I didn’t have another pair of shoes with me, but I really should have walked home and changed shoes. When I got into the city, I immediately went to the shoe repair man and had the heel fixed – but my mistake was not giving the guy the other shoe – so when he put a new heel tip on, not only is it a different colour to the original, but whole heel is slightly shorter – the heel itself had rubbed down a bit as I was walking in them.

So I don’t wear these too much any more, I always feel just a little bit lopsided. So the lessons are:

-don’t keep wearing shoes when the heel tip falls off!
-and if you have to, then make sure you leave the other shoe there to match the heel height!!


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10 responses to “SHOESday: Mistakes – I’ve made a few –

  1. Oh, that is pretty funny! But it’s not too visible – I mean, other than your limping along – I bet no one notices the shoe difference!

  2. you know, I don’t think I would have noticed. But not being the afficianado that you are, I don’t see what you see! I like ’em though. Quite a you can tell I was sick today. I totally forgot to hound you about shoesday and the lack of a post.

  3. cute shoes..I bet nobody notices.. unless of course you’re walking like one foot’s on the curb?.. although.. long-term (all day) walking. might give you one heck of a backache.

  4. They are great shoes! And no one is going to notice the different heel tip unless they lie on the bitumen.

  5. You could try hopping on your left shoe for a day to even them up!

  6. Probably no one can see the difference, but I understand about having a ding in something you really liked.

  7. Gosh – do people just think you’ve been drinking (that little list to starboard?) – I’m sure no-one but you notices!

  8. Oh I like…alot!! And I had to look very hard to see they were different.

  9. They’re lovely though, and I couldn’t spot the difference either until you pointed it out!

  10. Oh you wear pointy toed shoes so well, I look ridiculous in them, but these are stunning. I would never have noticed the heels until you pointed it out.

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