SHOESday: Mistake #3

I really liked these shoes when I bought them – about 5 or 6 years ago in London. They are from Nine West, and were relatively expensive (especially as at the time we only got about 38p to the dollar!).

(clearly I have a thing for shoes with criss-cross straps!)

But I found myself most disappointed when, only a few months later, almost the exact same shoe (same toe, straps, slingback etc, but with a chunkier heel) was being sold at a discount store for considerably less than I paid. Suddenly these shoes were everywhere, and the shoes I thought were great in London somehow lost their sparkle. Which, on reflection, I think is a bit sad – something I originally liked so much shouldn’t be less special just because everyone has the same thing. But that was how I felt at the time (and a part of that was annoyance that I’d paid too much for mine, and brought them all the way back from London thereby excluding another pair of shoe possibilities!). And when I chipped a bit of leather off the left toe (you can just see it in the first photo), I consigned them to the back of the wardrobe.

Looking at them again with the benefit of some years, I think, in the end, my mistake was to stop wearing these – they are quite comfortable and after all, I do love a slingback!


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11 responses to “SHOESday: Mistake #3

  1. Yep. I would agree. A mistake to stop wearing them.That said, the popularity has probably waned which means you are wearing a classic style now. So wear them happily!

  2. That’s how I feel about pandora bracelets. I really like the look of them, but they’re everywhere.If I bought one would I care? I think I might. I know it shouldn’t bother me, if I like them I like them, but I know I would care if I owned one. I see it as a personal flaw of mine actually.So I completely get what you mean about those shoes. Which are quite fabulous btw.

  3. Thay are pretty – but I think they’d make me look a bit like a kangaroo – my feet are long enough!Wait till I sho you the ones I have on lay-by which look like gorgeous vintage 30s shoes……Oh my!

  4. And its just the weather for slingbacks!

  5. Six years ago? They’re almost vintage!(I like them, by the way)

  6. It’s funny how sometimes things have to sit a bit in the closet before one decides one likes them after all!

  7. They’re so elegant it seems a shame to consign them to the back of the wardrobe!

  8. del

    Oh, I like them! I think you should definitely pull them out & give them some more wear.

  9. it’s a shame that we get stymied by everyone having them, isn’t it? but I always feel the same, like my incredibly hip, quirky purchase has let me down just a little bit by hocking itself around town on every corner!bring ’em out of hibernation, now though, I say. they’ve learned their lesson!

  10. the straps are adorable. i’m glad you’re going to love these up again.

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