Look mum, I finally tidied my room!

So those of you who’ve been following closely will know that I’ve had a task on my to-do list (see the side-bar of the blog) since about April (possibly even March…). This task was to tidy up my study/craft room – a small enclosed verandah on the front of our house.

This is what it looked like (back in April):

So this task was on list for April. And May. And June. And July. And August (why yes, I am a procrastinator, how did you work that out?!). But now I’ve finally been able to cross it off the list – see:

I think that’s the first time I’ve ever been able to put a chair under the desk!! (definitely the first time in the last few years at least!)

I can even sit in this chair and knit, or read, or just contemplate the neatness that is my study/craft room – finally it is fit for the purpose for which it is named.

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you are trying to sell your house!!!


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13 responses to “Look mum, I finally tidied my room!

  1. oh well done. What a fabulous job. I knew getting the house on the market would give you that shove you needed! and I say that as someone who has a study that looks much the same and has nowhere near your length of time in the house an excuse!It’ll be a lovely little room to sit in and knit!

  2. Oh bravo to you. I don’t dare show you my craft area. Eeeek. I must take a leaf out of your book.

  3. My brother and sister-in-law finally finished painting their house after nearly 10 years of living there. Yup, they needed to sell it.It looks like it would be a lovely place to study or anything else for that matter! Enjoy, while you can : )

  4. kim

    It looks fabulous. I love the exposed brick!

  5. del

    Absolutely divine! I forgot you were selling…makes you want to stay & enjoy it, I bet.

  6. looks fab, Miss Rose :)what a great room to call your own, beautiful sunshine coming through the windows. It looks really cosy and I imagine a great place to sit and knit, read, contemplate…

  7. kms

    look a knitting corner! i hope there is one earmarked at your new place to compensate for the loss of this one, which looks lovely.

  8. I finished cleaning and painting my house (on my own) in only 10 days when I put the house on the market. I know what a motivator it it!Gorgeous room!

  9. I think everyone should “sell” their house regularly – it’s the only way to get it clean! It looks fabulous!

  10. We moved 4 times in 5 years when we first got married so it necessitated cleaning out closets and throwing things away. Now after 23 years in the same house, there is way too much stuff. Slowly, I am making piles for the Salvation Army so I can have neat little corners, too!

  11. I’m not planning to m*** (that 4-letter word) until they drag me off to the home.But I srsly need to clean my studio. More visible floor will be nice.

  12. lilypily

    Wow, what a difference. LOL. It looks great. Looks like a very inviting place to be, especially with the sunshine pouring in. 🙂

  13. oh well done you – but can you actually work in there now ? :]

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