The best pair of socks

These might be the best pair of socks yet!

Why, you ask? Not because of the yarn (although it is Socks that Rock lightweight). Not because of the colour (although I am quite taken with it – and no wonder, given it is called Ruby Slippers). Not because of the pattern (Zokni socks – rav link), although I do love a knitted leaf pattern.

No, these are special because they were knit for me, by two of my knitting buddies, Bells and BrownPants. Ms BP suggested a sock swap with a difference – we each supply our own yarn, and the other two knit one sock each from the yarn, with the person who knits the first sock choosing the pattern. That way, we all get to knit two different socks, for each other, and we get a pair of socks back! So cool!

And look how differently the same yarn and the same pattern knits between the two knitters. BP’s is the one on the left, Bells’ on the right. They look like two completely different socks!

Now that I’ve finally given Ms BP her socks, we can blog about them!

First up is Bells’ sock – for her, I chose the Nutkin pattern (rav link). Kinda funny actually, as she thought she had to nominate the pattern as well as provide the yarn (Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, by the way), and she let us know she like the Nutkin – lucky I’d already chosen that one from her queue anyway!

A lot of people on Ravelry said the pattern was quite tight, so I substituted a standard rib cuff, eye of partridge heel and standard wedge toe for the pattern’s picot cuff, short row heel and weird short row turnover toe. Pre-blocking, it’s very twisty, but that blocked out fine and hurrah – it fits! Loved knitting this pattern.Next is Kristie’s sock. Bells’ chose the Show-off Stranded Socks pattern (rav link – again!). This is a great pattern for variegated yarn – Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. The pattern has got a very unusual heel construction, but again we subbed a standard eye of partridge heel.

And again, same yarn, same pattern, same size sticks, and yet two quite different looks for this pattern! Mine are the ones on the bottom, Bells’ on the top!

All in all, a great pair of socks and a great swap idea – which might just be implemented in the next Southern Summer of Socks!


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20 responses to “The best pair of socks

  1. he he. Yes I was confused. A lot.I learned a lot making the Zokni sock for you – that sometimes, persevering with a pattern that doesn’t come naturally to me can be a good experience in the end.

  2. i keep coming back to look at how different your two socks are! Just amazing!

  3. This is so clever.You are all so clever. I can’t get over the different pooling in your socks (nice yarn, by the way), and for Kirstie’s socks I can’t work out where the red went in your sock, where Bells’ sock has more red!It’s like, mind-blowing!

  4. Very neat idea! I wonder if the different pooling effects are from *slight* differences in gauge?

  5. That is amazing. I do love that Ruby Slippers yarn.

  6. Wonderful idea. Love all the socks pictured. I’ve had that happen with a pair of socks that I made – same knitter even! LOL I think that’s the beauty of handmade socks.

  7. Those socks do rock! It would be intersting to get another skein of the same yarn and have one person knit both socks and see if the patterning turns up the same, weird how one is stripey and the other blotchy for yours and one is bluer and one redder for Kristie. It’s amazing what yarn in different hands can do. Congratulations all three of you on what looks like a delightful swap!

  8. you girls do come up with the best ideas! great idea for a swap, to change it up a bit

  9. What a great idea! I love looking at the differences between the socks!

  10. amy

    So you’re doing Southern Summer of Socks again! Yay! (I think. I probably wouldn’t be signing up for this year. I don’t know…)

  11. That is so cool how different they look. I never would have imagined thats what would happen. Classic

  12. Lin

    That is such a great idea for sock knitting. They are all lovely socks too.

  13. Aaaah, now I get it! :)I’ll email you re round 2 [I’ve received Helen’s wool and am ready to go].

  14. kim

    I just read Bells’ post. What a clever idea to avoid SSS and get a great pair of socks.

  15. lilypily

    Isn’t it amazing how the same yarn can sometimes knit up two completely different socks. I had this happen with Lorna’s Laces ‘flame’ and had the same result as your ruby slippers socks. What a great idea you girls had. Lovely socks. 🙂

  16. so coool – great idea and great socks! (and no second sock syndrome!)

  17. del

    Amazing how different those 2 red socks looks, but both are beautiful!I love that Nutkin pattern.

  18. Em

    Oh, this looked like so much fun! What a wonderful idea for a swap, it’s so interesting to see how differently the various socks turned out.

  19. Ann

    The 3 pairs of socks look great. I love the idea – it's the best that I have heard. I can't wait for SSS to start & knit a sock for someone.

  20. That is such a clever idea, and don’t the socks look so different yet the same?? Thanks for the Stranded sock link: I love it!!!!

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