The weirdest of the weird…

A while ago Knitting Sprouts tagged me for the weird/random things meme. I love how these go around, and around, and around – it’s always interested reading about people’s quirks. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, to try and come up with more weirdness in addition to that I’ve already revealed here (and there’s more links within that post too!).

And I figured it was the little things that stand out. They’re not the things you often talk about in real life, or in conversation with friends or acquaintances – you don’t hear this often:

Person 1: did you know I can put both of my big toes in my mouth at the same time?*
Person 2: (somewhat baffled) why no, I did not. (edging away) Oh, look, I think I need to refresh my drink/go to the bathroom/jump off a cliff…

So here we go:

1. Last week I had Milk Duds for the first time ever. They are things I’ve read about in American books and blogs and heard on American tv shows, but I had no idea what they were. And now I know. Chocolate covered caramels shaped somewhat unnervingly like poo. But clearly that did not stop me from eating the entire contents of the box in about 5 minutes flat.

2. Clearly, though, they are not as good as these (especially straight from the fridge cold):

(suck eggs, yanks!!)

3. I can’t resist juvenile “humour” (sorry about that last comment my good American friends). I am such a child sometimes!

4. Husby and I go through phases with our nightly cooking – in that we’ll have about 4 or 5 dishes that we cook every week, and then eventually we try something new and phase out an old recipe and bring in the new one. But we rarely ever use cookbooks, even though we’ve got a cupboard full of them.

Last night I tried something new:

Yes, QM’s delicious and easy Kumera and Red Lentil soup – thanks for sharing it QM! It will definitely go on rotation (although probably short lived given the impending arrival of summer!)

It was also delicious with this:
(well, not the peach jam, but the bread – bought fresh yesterday from Berry’s fantastic Sourdough Bakery).

5. I have 9 sock knitting books but have only knitted socks from 3 of them (let’s not start counting how many knitting books generally I have but have not yet knit anything from them…)

6. And perhaps the weirdest thing of all – yesterday I went to a great yarn store and DID NOT BUY ANY YARN!

(I may have bought this book though. Notwithstanding point 5 above).
*7. I did used to be able to do this (both toes in mouth at once). But I can’t any more (I recently tried!). Although someone else can…I am most envious!


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13 responses to “The weirdest of the weird…

  1. amy

    I can touch my nose with my tongue. This used to earn me free drinks in bars when I was younger. (Well, being female, it was pretty easy to get my drinks bought anyway.) For some reason guys thought that was quite a talent, having a long flexible tongue. I have no idea why…(Just to be clear: the drinks didn’t get them anything more than me touching my own nose with my own tongue.)

  2. I’m so glad Amy clarified that. I was beginning to wonder what sort of a girl she was!I am still chuckling over the poo chocolates. It wouldn’t put me off either. And unless I had seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed you would go into a wool shop and not buy anything wooly or yarny.And finally, loved that soup. Made it myself last week – but also added carrot because my sweet potato was a little on the small side.

  3. Oh I used to be able to do the toe thing too, but that was many many moons ago. ROFL. Hmm and yes, those chockies do look a bit like poo. But choc and caramel are a magic combo.

  4. Oh, that’s what Milk duds are: they don’t look like duds at all they look quite nice!!!I only believe you managed not to buy yarn because Bells corroborated your evidence!!!

  5. Milk duds are such a favorite. Although now I have to be more careful as they tend to pull out one’s crowns….

  6. No, no, don’t apologize to the Yanks. Not for the Milk Duds vs. Arnott’s Biscuits contest. Arnott’s anything will win, hands down, every time. I had some oreos this weekend and they suck in comparison to Arnott’s, too.

  7. How funny – I was going to come back to that toe in the mouth thing, and No. 7 answered it for me. I still have one unanswered question, though… Your poo looks like a milk dud?

  8. That sounds like a fun thing to announce brightly in the elevator.I still turn off light switches with my feet. But since I usually barefoot outdoors, I’ll not be putting them in my mouth.

  9. toes to mouth? OMG!. I don’t even cross my legs when sitting on the floor!. .LOL!!!! too funny!

  10. OK, here’s the problem with the Milk Duds. To get the full Milk Dud experience, you really need to be in a darkened movie theater with a couple hundred screaming kids, you need at least two boxes of Milk Duds, and you need to chase them down with a Coke. Yikes! My fillings are all screaming at the same time. Can’t believe we actually used to do that as kids…

  11. I’m glad you liked the soup! I’ll have to come up with another one in a few weeks.I can’t believe you didn’t buy yarn in Berry. Did Bells leave you with none to buy? 😉

  12. thanks for doing the tag. I think toes in mouth is both disturbing and overrated – like american chocolate. tim tams for me any time!

  13. Ha! I’m so proud of what a conversation-stopper my weird body tricks are! The one where I show people how I can make my hands like claws by only bending the top joint always engenders a “you sad sad person for thinking that’s cool” look and/or comment as they back away!Love the chocolate poos!

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