SHOESday: From the back of the wardrobe Pt 2

With summer approaching, and a long weekend away at the beach coming up this weekend, it’s time to pull out the espadrilles.

Love the wedge and the tie coming up from the centre front (yes, I know, I have noticed my inclination for shoes with ties and criss-crossing straps already!).

And the other thing I’d forgotten about these, as I put them on this morning before work for the quick photo shoot, is how comfortable they are. Really really comfortable.

I didn’t want to take them off but figured that rope soled wedges are perhaps not appropriate work wear in a corporate environment. So instead I’m wearing these. I’m sure Ms 2Paw would approve!


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12 responses to “SHOESday: From the back of the wardrobe Pt 2

  1. oh yes. I’m sure Ms2Paw would approve of the more appropriate for the office green shoes too!I like this week’s shoes. I don’t think I could ever wear them – the ties would irritate me and my instep is too high – but I think they look lovely.

  2. Yay for summer and fun summer shoes! I just dug out my fall clogs today, and felt all clompy… Oh well.

  3. Lovely, very summery..yay!

  4. kms

    espadrilles…what a great word. got any culottes to go with them?! i love the strappy things too but the straps always fall down. those look good on you!

  5. Gorgeous! I used to have an old faithful pair of these that I wore out, so comfy! Sadly I’ve never been able to replace them as wide feet don’t seem to be catered for in that department! Boo Hoo!

  6. Ole!! While your espandrilles look fine I definitely approve of your actual choice: excellent, wonderful and gorgeous!!!

  7. I love those cotton shoes with rope soles. They are so comfortable. I needed new shoes for a wedding in August and tried on a pair but they weren’t dressy enough. They were much more comfortable than the shoes I ultimately bought.

  8. I once spent a very drunken night with my then best friend in London, at one stage we tried to pronounce the word ‘espadrilles’ with as many variations on the inflection as we could (and a spanish accent).Espadrilles. esPAdrilles. espaDRILLes. ESpadRILLES. I have never been able to say (or think) the word espadrilles without the memory since.I love me some espadrilles. ESpadrilles. ESPAdrilles. espaDRILLes. You get the picture.

  9. Those do look comfy. But we’re starting to get into colder weather. It’s supposed to be about 9 deg. C tonight – woolly socks for me!

  10. Love the espadrilles (I have orange ones picked up new at an op-shop for 3 bucks) but I utterly adore the green ones – they look like my ballet pointe shoes!

  11. Oh, these are cute! Very flattering too!

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