October goals and Keeping Track – September Stash

I wrote out my October goals yesterday and came to the conclusion that, on the whole, from the perspective of my knitting, October is going to be all about everyone else (but that’s ok, because then November can be all about me!)

So you can check them out in the sidebar. There is one thing there for me – I’ve pledged to go Sober for October (or Octsober!). I’m not entirely sure it’s a good idea to be honest, but a work colleague is doing it and I thought I’d help her out – it’s always a lot easier to do these things when you have some moral support! And it’s a nice little break before the Christmas silly season starts.

As for the stash – well, September was a pretty good month. I still ended up ahead, but only by 3 x 50g balls of yarn. And if I didn’t win the Wollmeise sockclub lottery, I would have knitted more yarn than I stashed! Not that I’m complaining, mind. How could I, with this goodness:

(and no, I still haven’t taken them out of their lovely packaging – so you’ll have to trust me when I say the colours of these skeins are simply amazing – breathtaking even!)

And thanks to SweetP, when I saw this yarn in Spotlight I had to nab some – I love the colour and it is so soft – a wool/bamboo blend – mmm, delicious.

While I was there, I saw these as well, and in trying to be a good patriotic Australian yarn buyer, I felt obliged to purchase some – and I’ve even knitted some of it already! (yarn review will come in another post this month).


In: 16 x 50g balls
Out: 13 x 50g balls

YTD: +106.5 x 50g balls. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to have any months this year when I send out more than I take in. Oh well … can’t complain about having a stash that’s got Wollmeise in it!


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9 responses to “October goals and Keeping Track – September Stash

  1. oh i like the natural cotton! I want!!! Cos I need more of that.One month, I think you should set a challenge to actually have more go out than comes in. Maybe not for the remainder of this year, but early next year, you should give it a go.Yummy Wollmeise.

  2. It’s probably a good thing for my wallet that the lys near me isn’t really “near” me. Buying yarn online is ok but not as nice as being able to fondle it. If I got to touch it, it would be so much harder to not buy it. We’re heading for a breeder’s show and sale this weekend so I hope I can have the same restraint as you showed. Remarkable.

  3. Now I am just not going near this Wollmeise stuff, the sock stash is just too big as it is! Good luck with the soberness :o)

  4. I can’t wait to see the opened sock yarn – it looks pretty even in the package! I’m knitting a scarf (that lacy one on last season’s Knitty, I can’t think of the name!) in a wool bamboo blend, and am loving it – I think it will drape perfectly!

  5. kms

    i am too busy feeling sorry for myself because i have no wollmeise, to notice anything else you have going on….

  6. kim

    I’ve seen that Wollmeise, and it’s incredible. Your summer socks knitting should be spectacular!

  7. LoL! I hope you like the bamboo. Its very soft and buttery (but towards the end of the ball I was knitting with there was some straggly bits so hope that was a one off and you dont find the same!). I also really like the look of that cotton!

  8. I really admire you for being so upfront about your stash! Mine’s all stuffed away in bags in various cupboards. Denial – I haz it!

  9. Have you tried out the Layette yet? I had a look at it when I bought the bamboo/cotton but the metreage was a bit short so I left it behind…

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