Getting in some practice

So the weekend before last I found myself with a whole day (Sunday) which, for the first time in a month, did not involve cleaning, tidying, packing or gardening. What looxury! I got up early and did some knitting and then I thought to myself “I really should do something with the rest of the day”. Clearly, something = knitting, but what?

And then I remembered that I had this book and had been waiting for a nice stretch of uninterrupted time to read it and make one of the practice socks. I dug out some leftover sock yarn (Knittery Cashmere Merino in Midnight) and my dpns, and away I went.

I did the first sock (Little Sky Sock) on Sunday, and then the second one (Little Coriolis) during the week. (As an aside, on Sunday afternoon my husband came in to the loungeroom and we had this conversation:

Husby: why don’t we want one of those Jane Austen shows?
Me: ok, but we’ve only got one, Pride & Prejudice
Husby: no, I was thinking of that other one.
Me: you mean Jane Eyre?
Husby: yeah, that one.

Heh! Husby loves Jane Eyre (the fabulous BBC version with lovely Toby Stephens as Mr Rochester.) (I love it too, clearly!)

I also love these Cat Bordhi techniques!! Little Sky (on the right) is top down with the “gusset” over the instep of the foot, and the heel flap on the bottom of the foot. Very clever! Little Coriolis (on the left – duh!) is knit toe-up (using figure 8 cast on, which I HATED) and the increases are done as you spiral up over the instep. They are just both so clever!

And such perfect practice for Southern Summer of Socks! If you want to rejoin or sign up, head on over! It has started already (1 October) but this year we are going to be very casual, and for me, at least, the focus will be on new techniques (hello, Cat Bordhi!)


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18 responses to “Getting in some practice

  1. oh they are so cute. I admired them very much when I got to see them up close on the weekend. I’m intrigued and will definitely want to try them at some stage.That’s so funny about Jane Eyre. he he

  2. Ann

    Those little socks are so cute. It’s great to learn new techniques with Cat Bordhi’s book – in fact, the book is right next to me as I was also thinking of something new.

  3. Cat Bordhi’s techniques have always left me feeling a little overwhelmed – I’m very impressed with your quick grasp on them! They do look like a very clever construction, just wish I could get my head around it all!Maybe if you end up coming to Bendigo next year I can book a quick lesson with you?!

  4. Oh little cuties both – though I really must get to grips with toe ups before I venture into such kerazee constructions!

  5. kms

    yes i have one of her books too and i look at it and frown and put it away again. love the midnight, i am still working on my midnight ribs!

  6. Lin

    I have really gone off knitting socks but I do think that the Cat Bordhi book looks so interesting, I might get it. Let us know what you think and I love the little socks!

  7. I keep picking up the book and putting it back on my shelf. One day I will take the plunge because the techniques intrigue me. I have a pair of socks out of the Midnight and they’re one of my favorites.

  8. kim

    Such great little socks. I am always amazed at the ingenuity of people like Cat Bordhi. It’s really quite awe inspiring!

  9. I LOVE that version of Jane Eyre. The oplayed it again on the BBC recently AND then had it on their website so I watched it twice!! swoon!! Dont know if they have shown it in Aust yet, but keep your eye out for Lost in Austen. Brilliantly funny & every girls dream to open a door and find yourself in the middle of Pride & Prejudice. I wont give it away, but lets just say if I can get hold of a copy I am sending it to you and Bells!!Love the socks BTW!

  10. So cute! And I agree with Shazmina – Lost in Austin really was fantastic!

  11. del

    I love how you did practice socks. I’ve never even thought of that. Too cute!

  12. They are interesting construction methods, and I think I like that yarn you tried them in, too.

  13. What gorgeous little socks – both their constructions sound very interesting (curse you, another book for my Wish List!) šŸ™‚

  14. Oh, those are so cute! And very clever!

  15. Its great to take a break from those icky jobs that creep up on us. I just hate finding little piles of yuck in spots that never ever get cleaned… I love the little socks – reminds me that I should look for that book on the internets and add it to a wish list or something …

  16. Em

    What is it about wee-tiny things that makes them so much more adorable than the full-sized version? They’re so cute! And the yarn is gorgeous, though we expect that from your stash by now.It’s awesome that your hubby will watch Jane Eyre with you. I’ve tried to get Jim to sit through Pride and Prejudice (the long {gooood} version, and the shorter one) and her flatly refuses.

  17. so very cute… I just love knittery yarn…

  18. I saw Cat make those socks on KnittyGritty. They are Very Clever. Such cute little socks!!! Oh yes, Jane Eyre is fabulous, even though it’s not Austen!!!

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