SHOESday: more from the back of the wardrobe

I think these shoes were the ones which really established my love for shoes (and clearly my love for the criss-crossing straps!). I bought them at least 10 years ago, quite possibly 12 years. I remember they were on sale, and I went back to the shop at least twice before I bought them.

And I wore them to absolute death. You can’t see it from the top of the shoe, but the inner of the shoe is just worn away, and the elastic behind the buckle has lost its elasticity almost entirely. I was embarrassed when I put them on for the photo!

It’s time for these to go – I’ll be very sad to put them in the bin (which is why I’ve still got them even though I will never wear them again). Actually, I think the real reason I’ve kept them is that I plan to find a shoemaker who will replicate them for me, but with a different heel. That is how much I love these shoes.


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13 responses to “SHOESday: more from the back of the wardrobe

  1. Those aren’t just shoes! They are beyond! I can totally see why you loved them.

  2. Sigh. First loves are always so important. I can see why you loved these.

  3. These are my faourite shoes ever. You really need to talk to a cobbler – they can do you a new inner, new soles and even heels. They are too lovely to throw out!

  4. Those are really neat. I wish we still had good shoe-makers around. The last one in our town was basically a “why don’t you just throw those out?” kinda guy. Sigh.

  5. Em

    Those are pretty nifty shoes, I can see why you fell in love with them. It’s so hard to let go of shoes you’re attached to and that have served you so well, isn’t it?

  6. kim

    It’s sad to let a good pair go. I’m hanging onto my favorite red shoes of which I had two pair. You picked the perfect polish to go with those shoes!

  7. Waving them farewell; hate it when my favourite shoes wear out – but at least you’ve got an excuse to buy a new pair when you throw one away – right?

  8. You really are a fan of the strappy shoes huh? It’s so hard to let go when it’s ones you absolutely adore. Maybe, well just maybe sneak them into the back of the wardrobe again. We won’t tell!

  9. Oooh, love the shoes.It’s a shame that good shoes don’t last forever. I had to say goodbye to a pair of shoe perfection this year. I almost cried!!

  10. I am so sad when a favourite pair of shoes wears out. I can barely throw them away. Shoe condolences..

  11. good idea with the shoemaker

  12. I can see why you loved them – they’re so elegant!

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