SHOESday: Wicked!

I have always felt a little bit wicked witch of the west when I wear these shoes.

I’m not sure why … heh!

But I haven’t worn them for a while and to be honest I’m not entirely sure whether I want to keep them or not.

I think I know which way I’m leaning, but what do you think? Keep or Not?


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22 responses to “SHOESday: Wicked!

  1. Oh I LOVE them!! LOVE them. If they were mine, I’d keep them.

  2. kim

    I think I’d have them bronzed. 😉

  3. I think they’re ‘wicked’ cool!.. I’d keep them.

  4. Jen

    I definitely agree with everyone so far – they are keepers! I love them!

  5. kms

    they look great on you. i hate square toes so i wouldnt keep them for ME (in fact i probly wouldnt have bought them, so thats kind of redundant) but seriously they suit you no doubt!

  6. oooh, I really like them too!Are you and Bells the same size? Maybe you should send them her way? =)

  7. Are they green? Fantastic! Keep!! Or give to someone appreciative. Nice green shoes are much rarer than red.

  8. I would definitely keep those. Actually those kind of shoes would look perfect with my work suits. They are conservative but have a little bit of ‘sex pot’ emanating out of them.

  9. lilypily

    Wicked is a good word. They are also rather devilish I think. I like ’em. Yep, I say keep ’em.

  10. Now, I think you’ll be needing some colourful striped stockings to complete The Wicked Witch look!!!

  11. What a cool green! Definitely a keeper!

  12. Yes they’re keepers I think too. Click your heels and see if they take you to a magical place!! Maybe if you’re undecided perhaps a different colour might be in order?

  13. I’m with the majority … keep them. They are truly wicked!

  14. Shoes with straps are back in style! Keep them. They look great on you.

  15. Love ’em, definitely keep

  16. del

    I think they’re marvelous…and very “don’t mess with me today”. lol

  17. Slow handclap – keep them! Wear them! Keep them! Wear them!

  18. keepkeepkeep – unless they are size 8 in which case you should post ’em to me!and I’ve done a special shoesday-a-day-late post that you HAVE to go seeNOW

  19. I I can see that they’re not really your style, so maybe I could help you out and take them off your hands… (I adore them!)

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