SHOESday: ahh romance isn’t dead…

I have this pair of shoes – husby bought them for me for valentine’s day in 1997. They have given me over 10 years of faithful service and they are still going strong. And I’m pretty pleased to say that they hardly look a day older than (say) 2 years old.

I still remember wearing them around the office at work, bouncing around in glee. I even remember what I was wearing, as the shoes went with it perfectly – a black straight skirt, a white top and a fantastic red linen blazer which I bought on huge reduction from Saba (for those o/s, Saba is a fairly upmarket Australian designer store, not haute couture or anything though!). I was pretty darn happy with that jacket. In fact, I’ve still got it as well, although I’m sure it doesn’t fit me any more.

But enough about that. I’m sure you are dying to see these superfantastic shoes.

I’ll keep you in suspense no more – here they are:

Yep, like I said, romance isn’t dead.

But it sure is supercomfortable!


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15 responses to “SHOESday: ahh romance isn’t dead…

  1. I love them. I’m sure i’ve seen you in them before. I’m certain of it. And a husband who buys shoes? Well I knew he was a good guy already but that much have clinched it for you in 97!

  2. Built for comfort not speed – my type of shoe. (Picturing the blazer n’ stuff tho’.)

  3. how cute is that? there is no way in a million years my DH would ever buy me shoes lol (probably a good thing I think)

  4. kim

    Adorably sweet. I can just picture that outfit.

  5. I had a pair of red canvas lace ups once [late 80s] but mine came from WW and were nowhere near as sturdy as yours. In fact, mine bit the dust several years ago – I wore them to their death!

  6. cool shoes. I had something similar in adidas – but they had to go to the bin years ago.

  7. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I wear red sneakers too. BINGO !

  8. love love love love it!!!My sister had red converse sneakers – very cool!!(Although, my electric blue sketchers with orange stripes were probably cooler) ;o)

  9. Oh, way to your heart, he’s a keeper just like the shoes!!

  10. There’s something about a good pair of sneakers. I’ve kept some pairs for years. My husband has never bought me shoes. I’m not sure he knows what size to buy.

  11. kms

    of course romance isnt dead, its just eminently practical. they are very cute too, they dont make ’em like that anymore…so happy to pass the blogtoberfest baton on to you, look forward to seeing how you manage, are you going to use some of the things you sent in the list to bells, eg ‘what i like about rosered’? 🙂

  12. del

    And he bought them in your favorite color, smart man! How cute.

  13. Now, you’re talkin style!!! LOLClogs come next for me. Boring foot dresser aren’t I?

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