Perfect match

I’m in love. Totally and utterly. This yarn in this pattern. Words are truly not enough.

Even though I have plenty of deadline knitting on the sticks, I couldn’t seem to put this sock down until it was done.

And boy, was it close – less than 2m of yarn left after closing the toe!

I love the colours – I’m on such an orange kick lately – and the linen stitch and the oh-so-clever Cat Bordhi pattern – look how the linen stitch tapers down the foot. Just divine!

But I’m not going to start sock #2 until I’ve finished a few of the things on my list!


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13 responses to “Perfect match

  1. It’s weird. I’ve got the wool. I’ve got the needles. I’ve got the patterns. But still no socks started. How can I be so afraid of something new?I love the colours of the yarn you’ve chosen here.

  2. Holy moly. Wow. Spectacular. I am in love to. That top of the foot tapering? Genius.

  3. I love the linen stitch – beautiful!

  4. How good is linen stitch? Slow, but I just love the results. Looks particularly good with your yarn – it breaks the colours up from row to row, like a kind of fair isle. Don’t you love it when you look at a finished project that’s all come together beautifully? I think fancy socks especially, they make you feel kind of mathematical and professorish and very talented. In the words of Wendy in the latest Peter Pan movie ‘oh the cleverness of you.’

  5. Lin

    Thats beautiful … I need that book! the colours are gorgeous.

  6. Whoa – that is such a cool pattern! I can see how you’d be reluctant to put it down!

  7. I keep pulling that book off the shelf intending to start one of the sock patterns but then I put it back. But that sock has inspired me. I love the way it looks. My next pair for myself, I’m making one from her book.

  8. Oh that’s lovely: I am into tapering at the moment!! The linen stitch looks so good with the colours in your sock. I think orange is a very Spring colour!!

  9. Absolutely exquisite. Maybe you’re on an orange kick in time for halloween? These are truly beautiful.

  10. Did you speed up knitting at the end, trying to get done before the yarn ran out?Someone else was talking about doing that, and now I can’t remember who it was!

  11. Oh no DON’T make me fall in love with those crazy Cat Bordhi socks – I just want to knit traditionally constructed socks until I’ve mastered them, I can’t even cope with toe ups – sneaking back for another look – yep it’s still gorgeous – DON’T show me the other one when you do it!

  12. Linen stitch – that’s what it is! I love it too!BTW Another comment on SSoS

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