Enabler alert!

Or my community service announcement – however you choose to see it!

I read on Ravelry about a new Australian online yarn retailer – Thicket – and how great they were. So I signed myself up for the newsletter and wondered why one of the questions was my favourite colour. I found out when I received a few yarn samples (all Jo Sharp yarns, which was Thicket’s main line at the time I signed up) in red (which of course was what I’d noted!). Big tick #1 for customer service.
Then I received my first newsletter with a free pattern – big tick #2.
I’d signed up for an international Christmas stocking swap on Ravelry and since my swap pal is based in the US, I thought I’d use an Australian yarn for my stocking – and since the price is so competitive, I ordered from Thicket.
This is how my yarn arrived:

(That’s clear cellophane, brown paper and green tissue paper, all tied with some yarn). Big tick #3!
And since I’m sure you’d like to see the yarn:

Thicket has expanded its lines to include Woolganics organic yarn and Debbie Bliss – including the new DB magazine – all announced via email before the website was updated (big tick #4). Since I was on the ball I managed to snaffle the last DB magazine, and it arrived a few days later:

Big tick #5!

So far, I can’t recommend Thicket too highly for their customer service. Just fabulous!


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10 responses to “Enabler alert!

  1. Well they clearly made a huge impression on you. I didn’t realise that’s who you were using.I signed up a while back and got the samples and put them down somewhere, forgetting where.Clearly I am missing out here. That DB magazine was GOOD. Thanks for letting me leaf through it.

  2. We should spread the word about good service. I try to remember to say good things as well as report sucky service. Thicket sounds marvelous.

  3. I’m voting to give you the “community service” tag, rather than the other.

  4. I love white and undyed natural yarns. I have several skeins of different yarns in white or off white. Not yet an idea of what to knit!

  5. I have to say that the magazine has become my new favorite. I love all the patterns and want to make a few of them (including the item on the front cover). AND I found out that DB herself lives not far from Loop in Angel, which has now become my fav yarn store in London. I might have to hang out there more often!

  6. Some lovely yarns at Thicket- love the styling of the website too

  7. I LOVE it when the packaging is as special as the package! What a great find!

  8. As the kids in my class used to say after listening to a ringing endorsement: “Do ya like it?”

  9. Lin

    Thats great, a bit far away for me but great for you Aussie. I love Jo Sharp yarn.

  10. kim

    It looks lovely. I love Jo Sharp yarn. It’s always so nice to work with. What did you think of the DB book? I didn’t love…

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