Have you ever wondered what a knitter’s face looks like when opening a special birthday present? If so, wonder no longer:

Oooooooooooh! KoiguLornasLacesJadeSapphireCashmereRegiaSilkTrekkingBambooMmmmmmmmalabrigo!

Are those tears?

What all good knitters do with smooshy yarn

Happy Birthday DrK!


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8 responses to “OMG OMG!

  1. oh! So good! I am sure in times to come, when I want to think of something happy, i will remember that moment. Just perfect. So glad we were all there with her to see it!

  2. LOVE IT! She looks THRILLED!

  3. You captured it perfectly. She looks really surprised and quite happy. And what else does one do with wool except pet and fondle it? That’s part of the pleasure.

  4. kms

    OMG i cant believe you posted those! i was indeed quite happy. i believe it was the koigu that made me cry. or it might have been the realisation that i have some amazing knitty friends 🙂

  5. this is priceless! i’m grinning from ear to ear.

  6. oh and belated Happy Birthday to a fellow knitter and yarn lover.

  7. Fantastic! I love the fact that the first thing she does is sniff the yarn – that’s what I always do too!

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