Too many choices!

Oh woe is me, life is hard – I can’t decide which pattern to make using this most divine silk yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts! It is black based, with shades of blue, green and purple.

Please can you help me? It has 1125 yards, and I’d really like to use as much of it as possible. I think I’d prefer a rectangular stole and I’d like a pattern that isn’t too easy (so not the same short repeat for the whole thing) but also not too hard (eg a purl “rest row” would be great!).

I’ve come up with these options (some are Rav links, sorry!) – what do you think?

Madli’s Shawl (IK Summer 2004) – but probably without the nupps. I particularly like this pattern as it doesn’t have a knitted on edge.

The (very similar to Madli’s shawl) Large Rectangle in leaf and trellis pattern from Victorian Lace Today (p.54) – the pattern calls for 1200yds but I could do a smaller edging perhaps?

Simurgh by Anne Hanson – I think this is the favourite…It’s suitably gothic for this yarn!

The lovely Myrtle Leaf Shawl, also from VLT (p.142) – the downside to this one is that it is patterned on the purl rows too.

Celtic Knot stole – I’m quite taken with this one but wonder if the celtic lace pattern would work with the yarn. Also, I’m not entirely sure I’ve got enough yarn for this pattern, although I could probably modify it a bit.

Moon Dance – I like this one but worry I might get sick of the pattern after a while.

What do you think? While I’m leaning towards Simurgh, I’d really appreciate your views – and I’ve got more laceweight yarn (heh), so I can definitely make the runners up at another time!


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22 responses to “Too many choices!

  1. Forgive me if I don’t comment properly for a bit. I’m thinking. And choosing. Stay I’m procrastinating because I love them all. Just buying some time.

  2. ok simurgh should win. That’s what I think. Moondance at a close second. Not the Celtic one. I think you’re right. That wouldn’t work so well. I vote for Simurgh.

  3. I’m with Bells. Of the ones listed, simurgh is way out in front, not the least because of the variation in pattern along the length of it. And what gorgeous silk yarn.

  4. I do like Madli’s stole too – I think in that particular yarn it could look a bit like peacock feathers, all shimmery and slick…but Simurgh is just so stunning, too!

  5. I agree with you on the Celtic Knot stole, not for this yarn.I adore the Myrtle leaf, but only if you can bear no resting rows.Otherwise, my vote is with Simurgh.

  6. lilypily

    You can’t go wrong no matter what you choose. All lovely. šŸ™‚

  7. I can’t decide between Simurgh and Madil, but it sounds like Simurgh has the bigger following, so go with your gut and the vote! It’ll be gorgeous!

  8. I like the Madli’s shawl but the Simurgh is also beautiful. As alwen said, if you make one today, what’s to stop you from making the other tomorrow? (I paraphrased here!)

  9. del

    Simurgh is my fave, but I also love Madli’s. Do you have the Interweave Holiday that just came out? There’s a rectangular stole that you knit in the round that’s just gorgeous.

  10. Hmm, what was that? I think my brain is still back at the yarn photo, rolling around in the silk! What yummy yarn!Has anyone else notice verification words have gone oddly word-like? This one is “multimat”.

  11. Simurgh, hands down and no contest. Especially since you can see how one of the Raven colorways works with it.

  12. I like simurgh and the myrtle leaf. I am sure whatever you choose will be gorgeous!

  13. I like the leaf & trellis – although I'd take a repeat out of the middle instead of the edging. I also really like the simurgh… tough choice

  14. Sorry can’t choose too busy drooling over that yarn – well virtually anyway, luckily enough or I may have spoilt it by now – or just stolen it from you, one of the two.

  15. Just to further complicate things….How about this beauty? Oakwoods by Anne Hanson from the Twist Collective. I made one using Handmaiden Sea Silk and its gorgeous.

  16. No help here! All the choices are gorgeous and I think you couldn’t go wrong with any of them. And the yarn is absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you choose…

  17. kms

    i love the myrtle leaf best, but the no purl rest is a problem, its part of the problem with cambria because you cant see clearly where you are up to. but i would risk it anyway. otherwise simurgh. gorgeous yarn too.

  18. Ann

    Simurgh looks like a great choice but I like Madli too. It will be great if you can knit them all – just have to find the time, right?

  19. Alison & I are in training and reading your blog! (Naughty). I LOVE Myrtle and Simurgh.

  20. AND you’re giving Alison ideas as to what to do with her Helen’s lace…

  21. my vote – madli – it’s very pretty – especially that edging.

  22. Mrytle leaf – looks gorgeous in dark colours – and you’ve got loads there. But it might get a bit boring?And pooh to rest rows, they’re overrated as a difficulty meter once you’ve mastered the chart reading. Have a go!

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