My knitting "library"

Each year for the past few years I’ve posted a picture or two of my knitting “library” – and it’s that time of year again! It’s all tidy and organised by height (pretty much) now – apparently a neat bookshelf helps sell a house (I wish!).

And I find it’s grown a bit over the past 12 months – I’ve added another half a shelf (give or take a bit). I’m not sure if that’s because there are a lot more knitting books (that I want to buy) being released, or if it’s because I discovered Kinokuniya has a great crafting books section, or if it’s because (as my mum would say) my eyes are bigger than my belly.

I suspect it’s a combination of each of those reasons.

Now don’t ask me how many of these books I’ve knitted something from – but I have queued a lot of patterns (and I may have a lot of yarn allocated for these projects too, but shhh don’t tell)!!


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14 responses to “My knitting "library"

  1. My knitting books also have bits of paper sticking out of them. I wonder what it can mean?

  2. btw if you would like another one, i have one to give away. i will post details later tonight

  3. one of the things I love best about visiting you is the library. I love it. This does make you a hard person to buy books for though!You must take me to that shop some day.

  4. the important thing is that they are there if you need them – not whether you have knitted from them!at least, that’s what I keep telling myself as the collection grows!

  5. oh, I’m a dill – in case you’re wondering the comment above is from me – I forgot to change users, d’oh!

  6. There are so many great books, aren’t there? I’m tempted by a couple now… and knitpicks has a 40 percent off sale that ends today. I should just succumb…

  7. I just recently put all my knitting books together and was shocked at how many I’ve acquired but I haven’t got anything on you so I feel free to buy some more now :o)

  8. my knitting library is very scary, loading them all into Ravelry made me nearly faint…the good dollar value and amazon put paid to that….not any more though, no CC, shitty $$..but theres so many good ones coming out….BUT, having said that, how have you found Maon-Dixon the 2nd? Would you mind reviewing it? I am very tempted to orde it from Booktopia, but want to know if it’s really, really worth it.Cheers!

  9. I realized last night I need another shelf or at least a half because I have stuffed the books in sideways and all over the place. Not counting the binders with the patterns sticking out.

  10. Nice library. Mine is very small by comparison. I haven’t looked in Kinokuniya but has a great selection [and free shipping to Aust].

  11. I love books of all persuasions, and am unspeakably envious of your collection. If I visit you house be prepared to a)not see me for several hours while I drool over them and b) search my bags as I leave!

  12. Ann

    My library is growing too & in fact, I have just got a new & bigger shelf to accomodate all the books & mags. My mum has the same saying too!

  13. kim

    My library is getting nuts. I finally figured out that I don’t need to print EVERY pattern. I can just save it to a thumb drive… It’s getting better, but the books are still a temptation.

  14. All those books and yet it’s all so neat, I’m majorly impressed. I don’t dare show you the cupboard that houses my recipe books.

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