SHOESday: Flatforms!

It’s been a while, you know, since I bought new shoes. I decided to rectify that yesterday.

These are the result:
They are so extremely comfortable!

And perfect to elongate a short-ish person without having to wear high heels.
They are basically flat shoes with a platform – or, as I prefer to call them – flatforms! (yep, I totally think I’m SO CLEVER for that one!)


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15 responses to “SHOESday: Flatforms!

  1. Clever indeed :o) Lovely new shoes

  2. From the side they remind me of Japanese platform shoes. Will you have kimono with that?

  3. Holy crap. I need a pair of those. Where DID you get them?And yes, you are amazingly clever.

  4. Most excellent word and shoes. I can’t wear the tiny high heel, but the flatform and the wedge are my friends too!!! I ahven’t bought any shoes this year as far as my mind will remember. There have been no green shoes.

  5. Oh, I LOVE them: the word AND the shoes!

  6. i love them! and think you will wear them a lot.

  7. Still loving these shoes!

  8. kms

    oh i didnt think of that, being a short person who cant tolerate heels. are they hard to walk in? they are pretty groovy! and whats with the word verification at the moment – mine is ‘inglam’. well yes, we are thank you very much.

  9. Ohhh! too cute. Please tell us what they are. I agree with flatforms! Clever…

  10. They look perfect for those of us who are “height challenged” and don’t necessarily want pointy heels. I have very round toes and I think my toes would hang over the edges.

  11. They’re great! I had a similar pair many years ago that I wore to death – but mine had a ripply sole.

  12. So, I was in a shoe shop yesterday, and I was actually thinking to myself, “I wonder what Rose Red will do when her shoe collection runs out? Surely she’ll have to start buying some more soon?”And then I wander over here, and what do you know? Wow! Gorgeous New Shoes! Good for you – they’re lovely!

  13. Em

    Mmmm, they are gorgeous. So shiny and luscious, I love the buckle on them! I will forever love my high, skinny heels, but there is definitely a place in my heart for flatforms, and for anybody who makes a word like flatforms up. Come to think of it, have you met Jim, he of the “foot mitten” fame? The two of you could get together and re-write the whole English language into something so much more interesting and fresh…

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