Lovely things, lucky me!

So many lovely gifts for my birthday this year – thought I might flash a few – as well as the Australian Swappers Red swap (Ravelry) package which also arrived on my birthday – such good timing, swap pal!

Lots of lovely red goodies!

My mum embroidered this linen tea towel for me.

My workbuddy Sarah gave me this fab-o RoseRed ring! How cool is this!

Mmmmmm chocolates, silly dvds, yarny goodness, wish tickets (very cool!) and other lovely stuff.

From wonderful Bells – Knit So Fine, more yarny goodness (mmmm chocolate malabrigo sock yarn), tea and other good stuff.

And this fabulous card from Snoozen – look – those are all my shoes! It’s amazing seeing them all together.

So lucky I was this year. Lots of things to be happy about, which is not always easy to remember, but which I’ve been reminded of lately.


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23 responses to “Lovely things, lucky me!

  1. What a corker of an idea from Snoozen.

  2. Great shoe card! And a lovely red swap package. You were showered with love for your birthday, as one should be.

  3. kim

    Oh, lucky you! I absolutely LOVE the embroidered tea towel. How talented you mum is! So many other wonderful things. How amazing is the shoe card? Very cool! Glad you had such a great day.

  4. That shoe card is awesome! What a great idea! And I love the tea towel, too! All of it actually – what a great haul for a great gal!Ew. I hate the word gal. But you know what I mean.

  5. I’m sorry to have missed your birthday. By the looks of the goodies it was a happy one! That ring is very cool and the gal that made the card with your shoes, how creative!!

  6. It looks like you had a lovely birthday. What a cool ring!

  7. What gorgeous presents! I love the shoe card, and the rose red ring is too cute!

  8. kms

    hoping the year ahead brings much more happiness as well 🙂

  9. amy

    That is the most awesome card idea ever! How smart!! Yay for happy birthdays. 🙂

  10. I also love the embroidered tea towel. How lovely to have such thoughtful gifts.

  11. the card is FANTASTIC! Wow. Awesome idea. It’s a keeper. SO much goodness. The ring is cute beyond words and your mum’s red embroidery is so thoughtful and clever.

  12. I adore the tea towel your mum embroidered you! And that ring! Yum!

  13. Such thoughtful gifts! Isn’t it lovely to think how much care people have taken to get you something just right?Ditto ring, card and tea towel. Just gorgeous!

  14. oh i missed your birthday! i’m so sorry. happy Belated Birthday! the card with your shoes is such a thoughtful gift! and i love that ring.

  15. Em

    Oh, no, I missed your birthday, too! Happy belated birthday to you. I’m glad you were gifted with such lovely, interesting things. And with some awesome shoes, no less. I hope you had a great birthday, and that you keep being reminded about the good stuff.

  16. Ann

    Happy belated birthday! You are so lucky to receive all those gorgeous gifts including my fav movie – Sound of Music.

  17. Happy Birthday! What a great pile of gifts you got, it’s so nice when people get it right and get things you love. The shoe card, the ring, the yarn, all of it wonderful.

  18. What lovely presents!!! Glad you had a great birthday, and isn’t it nice that people gave you such thoughtful and appropriate gifts!!Yes, I do like the shoe card too!!

  19. Oh no have I missed your birthday? Happy belated birthday, RoseRed! What lovely gifts from lovely friends.

  20. Lin

    What lovely gifts, the yarns, the ring and that card is fabulous! I hope you had a lovely day. xx

  21. Oh! Happy Birthday lovely lady! Good scores. And um you really do have a lot of shoes!!

  22. I tried to comment at work yesterday but the comments box froze, so I’m late today.From one scorpio to another, Happy Birthday! I never knew that we were so close in birthdays.

  23. I have a hunch Snoozen might get a few hits! LOLFabulous goodies – well done to all givers!

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