SHOESday: Storage Solutions

It interests me that people think that because I have lots of shoes that I have great shoe storage as well. I only wish I did!! My dream is to one day have my very own shoe wardrobe, preferably as part of a walk-in wardrobe the size of a small room.

But since we’ve just bought our forever house, and it doesn’t have a walk-in wardrobe or the room to put one in (unless we build a second storey…) I guess this will always remain a dream.

But I’ll flash the shoe storage I do have – it’s not very exciting, but it works!

The “good” shoes are in their shoe sleeping bags in their boxes – under the wardrobe (I have a lovely antique 3 door cedar wardrobe, which I love!):
Also in the wardrobe under the hanging space:

And again in the wardrobe, sharing the jumper space:
The everyday shoes are in bigger boxes under the bed:
Like this:
So not very glamorous but at least not all over the bedroom floor (like they used to be…). How do you store your shoes?



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19 responses to “SHOESday: Storage Solutions

  1. I have often wondered how you store your shoes and in fact meant to ask you next time I was over. It has never occured to me to keep boxes, until I bought the new red shoes last week and they came with a lovely soft fabric bag in the box. Now they’re in the bag, in the box and it seemed like such a sensible idea. The rest of my shoes are on a shoe rack, which looks ugly, or in the bottom of my wardrobe.I endeavour to improve this.

  2. My very minimal number of shoes are on a shoe rack under the hanging space. I feel so ‘country cousin’!!BTW, you’ve been awarded.

  3. I, too, have a minimal amount of shoes, mostly black and brown. They are on two shelves under the hanging clothes in the closet. The “good shoes” I wear for dress up are in their boxes keeping them dust free. They don’t see the light of day too often.

  4. Hold on just one second: There’s no room left for yarn! 😉

  5. Umm – you said you wanted a shoe closet, but I didn’t see much room for clothes there? ;)I store my ‘wearing at the moment’ shoes on racks at the bottom of my wardrobe, and my ‘not wearing at the moment’ ones in a box at the top of the wardrobe. The fact that I say ‘a’ box merely demonstrates how woefully inadequate my shoe collection is!

  6. Em

    I have one of those nifty shoe curtains that hangs on the back of your door. The closet space in the bedrooms here is pretty much nonexistant, so we’ve got bins under the bed for less-favored clothes and a small rack in the bottom of the closet for boots (the work kind, i don’t have any of the play kind at the moment). There’s also a small shelf unit in the living room so we can leave our nasty work shoes down there when we come in. Three of us work in a shop, and can track all kinds of grossness in, taking our shoes off right away just makes cleaning our carpet just noticed you read go fug yourself! i love that website, i’ve lost entire days to reading it!

  7. Mine are all tumbled into a great big box under the bed, not beautiful at all. One of those lovely walk in cupboards would be just dreamy.

  8. I try to store all of my shoes in their boxes. It keeps them from getting dusty, but more importantly makes them easier to stack. The boxes are stacked double deep and 5-6 high in my closet. The shoes with no boxes are in a basket and/or sitting on top of the boxes. Shoe love is a cruel mistress.

  9. We keep the whole families’ shoes in the garage, on two of those cheap metal shelving units you get in Bunnings.I am constantly picking shoes up off the floor and putting them away on the rack in the garage. I don’t usually buy shoes posh enough to have their own little slip-in bag, so they’re just piled in there.You really do have a lot of shoes, don’t you? I just counted mine; 3 boots, 1 crocs, 1 thongs, 3 evening, 1 gladiator, 2 work, 2 summer shoes. That’s it!

  10. Ann

    You are organised. My shoes are all kept in the boxes that they came in & most of the boxes are in the store room under the stair case.

  11. ha i only have one or two pairs i wear every day that live in our shoe basket by our door – we dont wear shoes inside mostly. i have a couple of other pairs for ‘every now and then’ which are in my wardrobe (chucked in ) . new shoes are definitley on my need now list

  12. Oh you are so orderly and funnily enough I almost thought you had a whole linen press with shelves lined with shoe boxes. Almost.

  13. I used to store them in a wicker trunk until the house I moved into ate the. The house was an old ex-govvie in Turner, Canberra, and it had minimal heating, damp water coursing or ventilation. I put my summer shoes and handbags away one May and took them out the following October only to find them completely covered in mould. I was heartbroken. Lost 3 pairs of shoes and 2 handbags in that tragedy. I had to throw out the trunk cos I couldn’t bear the idea of storing anything in it, even after I’d cleaned it with bleach.

  14. Mine are in various little stashes about the house – not dissimilar to my yarn storage now I think about it!That wardrobe of yours looks glorious from the little peak I just saw.

  15. OMG! shoes are in piles.. I mean PILES.. in the middle of my closet floor. now that I’ve seen yours.. I’ll be re-organizing this weekend!

  16. Lin

    All those boxes! Ours are in the cupboard under the stairs. My husband is like a male Imelda Marcos and has so many … he doesn’t throw any old ones away. Drives me potty!

  17. kim

    OH.MY.GOD! Is that a Country Road box I espied?! I used to LOVE that store before they rrrrriiippped it out of the mall to be forNever more… But my most favorite pair of shoes was purchased there back in the early 90’s. They were black-and-white (of course!) lace-up shoes, reminiscent of spats. Whenever I wore them, I felt very chic. Have I gotten off topic?

  18. del

    I have some inexpensive shelving units in my closet & store my shoes there. The only thing is, I'm always worried about dust because they're out in the open. But if they were in boxes, I wouldn't know what shoes they were without opening the box! Dilemmas…

  19. Ok, so now you need to photograph each pair, print out said photo and stick onto box! [I saw it in a celebrity closet on TV a while back.]

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